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Red Scharlach

The Doctor, the Master, and the tersest of verses

Here's a little Who-based poem that sprang fully formed into my brain today. It's inspired by Last of the Time Lords and more particularly by a remark I made in my review of that episode, so technically it does contain spoilers. Silliness is the other major component.

A Gallifreyan Romance (Sort Of)
with apologies to Ogden Nash

A Time Lord met a Time Lord
And thought "Gosh, I'm not the last!"
The Time Lord eyed the Time Lord
And the following words were passed:

"I'm a Time Lord, you're a Time Lord,
You're a crime Lord steeped in hate.
You're primeval, purest evil,
But I'm desperate for a date!

I'm a sad Lord, you're a mad Lord,
But a bad Lord's what I need.
It's our duty to get fruity
And perpetuate our breed!

You're a male Lord, but can't fail, Lord,
To relieve my lonely gloom.
Sure, we're boy Lords, but not coy Lords.
Take a chance and twang my loom!"

But the crime Lord scorned the prime Lord:
"I can't bear to hear you brag!
You're a worthless pondscum slime Lord
I would rather die than shag!"

So the good Lord mourned the bad Lord
Who would not regenerate
"I'm a low Lord, such an emo Lord....
But comfort sex with Jack is great!"
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