Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Father Ted mini-icons: You will, you will, you will

It's time to jump aboard the nearest lovely horse and gallop away to Craggy Island, because I've finished a new batch of mini-icons, and this time they are based on Father Ted.

01. 02.

There are eighteen more under this cut, Father...Collapse )

More Doctor Who icons will be coming soon, and these should be followed by some of the other high-scoring shows in my recent icon poll, so stay tuned...
Tags: icons, telly
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Found my way here via tyrell. Hope you doing mind what I've done here - I give you credit, but if you'd prefer I not use your icons this way, just let me know.
No problem at all, that looks great!


9 years ago

Uhm... Pretty much ditto what kiji_kat said? :D Here from tyrell, a-stealin' and a-animatin' your icons, with your permission ;)
Excellent stuff, I approve. :-D
Awesome, awesome, awesome!
I'm ganking #6!
Oh, these are fantastic. Taking #4 and will credit. Thank you!
It's true, you're a genius! *snags most*
Taking #13!
Oh, man, I need to take one of those! <3 But which one? Aaaugh! Damn, all of that cute art has inspired me! Perhaps I should start doing some Father Ted arts! It's your art, right?
Iiiiiiiiiiiii! They're gorgeous. I'm taking 18 and showing my mum.
I have just discover your journal and if I could be so bold I am friending you because these are very clever.
I have taken 09 and 11. I shall be looking at you others as well.
You're welcome to friend me if you like. I only hope I can keep you entertained!
oh my love for you knows no bounds! Father Ted minis! Taking and will credit.
These are great! Taking a bunch and will credit, of course.
These are brilliant! Guess which one I have taken
WHEEEEEE!!!! Taking almost all of them and will of course credit!!!! :-)
Those are awesome! I'm only taking 6 and 7 for now, but adding to memories. Thanks! (Will credit, clearly)
You are a God!

Snagging #13 and added to my memories so I can steal more in the future :]
Have snagged 6, 9, and 13, with much glee. Thanks!
Amazing :D I took lots, will credit :)
OMG these are amazing - you are a genius! I've taken 1,2,6,7,9,11,13,17,19,20. Fantastic!!!!
These are AMAZING! XD I'll credit if I use any!
These are fab! Taking 1,4,6,9,10,11,18 and 19, hope it's okay. Will of course credit you on my userpics page. Thanks for such amazing work!
Ah, BRILLIANT! Snagging quite a few , will credit.
These are made of awesome! Favourite being 20, I've mooched, well all of them, and will credit when used!
These are so great, I have to snag some. Especially 'that would be an ecumenical matter'! Phrase for all situations. XD Thank you, will credit.
Fabulous!!! Taking many, thank you kindly.
Took DRINK FECK ARSE GIRLS as well as Down with this sort of thing. :D
Fantastic, they're so cute, and Dougal's expression is so apt.

"I see the front door is wide open!"
"... Oh yes, it is, Ted!"
"And I see we're currently sheepless!?"

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