Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Father Ted mini-icons: You will, you will, you will

It's time to jump aboard the nearest lovely horse and gallop away to Craggy Island, because I've finished a new batch of mini-icons, and this time they are based on Father Ted.

01. 02.

There are eighteen more under this cut, Father...Collapse )

More Doctor Who icons will be coming soon, and these should be followed by some of the other high-scoring shows in my recent icon poll, so stay tuned...
Tags: icons, telly
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Eeeee. Gacking number 9. thankyou so much

Deleted comment

No problem, you're welcome to take any icons of mine if you want to.
Taking a few from different posts.
Will credit when used.
Thanks & Happy 2009!
These are great. I took a couple. Will credit!♥
I love these all! I'm taking a few and will credit. Thanks for sharing.
I'd love to see 18 and 19 combined as an animated GIF.
How about this?

Magnificent! I will definitely be using this, with credit of course.
Brilliant! I've just found these and snagged 7, 15, and 19. Will credit when used.

Surfing past, have been gobsmacked by your icons - would love to take Mrs Doyle please, will credit.
Just came across one of these in use, and had to come straight to the source. Priceless!
Taking #19 and I'll credit. Thank you! These are all so cute.
Oh, and I so want to take #11 from this post, if only I thought I would ever use it.
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