Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Then you would get to enjoy the look of otter surprise on my face...

You might have thought that there was a limit to the number of animals that I could turn the cast of Sherlock into. Rabbits, penguins, sheep: surely that's plenty?

But then I saw this very Sherlockian otter and was inspired to scribble the following:

Sherlotter Holmes and John Beaverson

Tumblr link

I confess that I made John a beaver to enable groanworthy "Dam, my leg!" jokes. I also found out that an otter's home, if it's above ground, is called a couch (if it's below ground, it's a holt) so it's fitting that it should be Sherlotter's natural home.

I'm now tempted to write to Steven Moffat and suggest a Sherlotter cartoon series, possibly featuring the thrilling tales "A Squirrel in Belgravia", "The Hounds of Badgerville" and "The Reichenbach Vole"...
Tags: fan art, sherlock
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