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The Musketeers 3.08: Always be a good boy, don't ever play with guns

The end of Musketeering draws ever closer (eek!), so here are my thoughts about Collapse )

And now, just in case people are relying on me to tell them this stuff, a reminder of the upcoming Muskeschedule. Episode 9 is on Saturday 30th July at 8.30pm on BBC One, and episode 10 follows swiftly afterwards on Monday 1st August at 9pm. So there's just time for me to stock up on gin and Kleenex, before I see you here next week...
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The Musketeers 3.06: Where are all the gods?

Out in the wilds of Musketeerland, we're half-swashing, half-sobbing our way into the second half of the season already. Doesn't time fly when you're gawping at men in leather? Anyhow, here are my thoughts about Collapse )

Now that sporting events have calmed down for a while, the next episode is in the Saturday 8.30pm slot on 16th July, so I will see you shortly afterwards for the fourth-last (eek!) episode of the season...

The Musketeers 3.05: When explanations make no sense, when every answer's wrong

Ah, you find me still scuttling about like a mad thing, playing catch-up with my Musketeers reviews. Here are my thoughts about Collapse )

Alas, we are HALFWAY through the season now, and this thought makes me sad. Still, the next episode (BBC One, Saturday 9th July, 8.30pm) is supposed to be a really good one so let's hope my mitherings can do it justice…
musketeer silhouettes

The Musketeers 3.04: A man who lives and gives expensive jewels

Misery is manifold, the wretchedness of the earth is multiform, and the schedules of both BBC One and myself have become more than a little confused of late. Nonetheless, it's a welcome task to be able to concentrate on men in leather for a while, so here are my later-than-advertised thoughts about Collapse )

In the ongoing game of Hunt-The-Musketeers that has become a key part of the BBC's summer of sport, I see the next episode is on Sunday 3rd July, which (as I write this) is merely hours away. So look out for an episode review from me at some point during the week that follows...
Bucket of man-pain

The Musketeers 3.03: As the battle raged higher

Well, it's been a peculiar week for multiple reasons, but in the absence of anything I can do to improve the poor state of the world, I've decided to soldier on regardless and maintain a firm grasp on European literary tradition by grabbing hold of its most muscular and leather-clad protrusions.

In other words, it's time for a belated Musketeers review. Here are some thoughts about Collapse )

Due to the vagaries of a) BBC scheduling and b) me being thrown off my usual routine, the next episode is on Saturday night (i.e. tomorrow, as I write this), so you won't have to wait a whole week for my input. Well, unless I suddenly become seventeen times more confused than I already am...

The Musketeers 3.02: Discord and rhyme

Sting like a butterfly, float like a bee, and give schedule-shifting the red card, because a week later than expected, it's time to rejoin the Musketeers for episode 2 of the third season. Here are some thoughts about Collapse )

Please note: Due to sport-related scheduling shenanigans, the next episode isn't until Monday 20th June. Once I've recovered from the shock of Muskeaction on a school night, I'll see you at some point shortly thereafter...
Four Musketeers

The Musketeers 3.01: A very good place to start

Greetings, gentle viewers! Unbuckle your swashes, gird your loins and do that weird spit-loading thing with your musket, because the third and final season of The Musketeers has finally reached BBC One. This means that my traditional silly Muskereviews have also returned, and I can reassure you that, in this case, viewers with Netflix Mexico have NOT seen them already.

So without further ado, here are some thoughts on Collapse )

In other news, in a pleasing piece of scheduling coincidence, the series Versailles starts on BBC Two this week. It's about sexiness and scheming in the court of Louis XIV of France, i.e. who the little Dauphin becomes when he grows up. I've no idea whether the show's any good, but it certainly sounds like little Louis has some strikingly similarities to his fictional bio-dad....