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Dig if you will a picture

I feel I should offer some apologies for being rather quiet on the posting front of late. In just over a week, I am expecting the arrival of that well-known European literary figure, A. German, and in order to devote myself to ambassadorial duties at that important time, I'm currently slaving over a hot keyboard at all hours. It's not very pleasant, but worse things happen at sea.

To keep you entertained in the meantime, however, here's a one-off photographic quiz for you.

Can YOU identify this mystery fruit?

It was photographed in Walthamstow Market, but it's a fair bet that it originates from somewhere much further afield (and no, I don't mean Essex). Each one is about 6 inches (15 cm) long and doesn't notably smell of anything. At the stalk end (where it must have been attached to the tree), it has a greyish, almost mouldy-looking patch (they were all like that, so I imagine that's what nature intends). I originally wondered if it was a jackfruit, but it turned out that jackfruit are a lighter shade of green and have knobbly skin.

So any ideas? No prizes for the correct answer, but you will surely feel the lovely warm glow that results from having helped an unfortunate soul in vegetable-based distress.

Edited to add: Apparently it's a coconut. Thank you, viewers, you may now enjoy your complementary glow of satisfaction! And look out for more exciting fruit-identification shenanigans in future episodes (possibly).

And now, a very brief remark about this week's episode of Doctor Who (which by the way was highly entertaining) – I larfed and larfed at the "best Christmas Walford has ever had" line. Also, a representative of the Double Entendre committee would like to point out the scene where Rose kissed the Doctor's helmet, snigger heartily and run away....
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