Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Look on my works, ye mighty, and be scared

Because they crop up in a book I'm editing at the moment, I've been reading up about weird things that are currently being built in Dubai. I was aware of the Burj al-Arab Hotel and the fact that everyone in Dubai clearly has about five million times more money than sense, but I didn't fully grasp the utter bonkersness of the entire endeavour. Giant islands in the shape of palm trees! Even more islands in the shape of the entire world! Underwater hotels! Skyscrapers so enormous and pointy that Sigmund Freud is probably raising a ghostly eyebrow even as we speak! Bigger and sillier things than have ever been built in the history of bigness and silliness! It's gobsmacking, it truly is.

Anyway, I fell to pondering about what would happen if I myself suddenly acquired more money than sense and decided to build my own colossal private island in the shape of something ridiculous that could be seen from space. What shape would I choose to build it in? A bunny rabbit? A pair of comfy slippers? One of those multi-storey serving plates full of cakes and chocolate fancies? David Tennant's delightfully pert bottom? I really cannot decide.

So I throw the question open to the floor. Readers: what shape would you choose for your own private artificial luxury island?
Tags: silliness
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