Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Happy birthday livii!

Major James Bigglesworth versus the Canadian Time Twin

Ali has a date with Biggles
Ali likes the way he wriggles
Biggles says "I flew to Cali-
fornia through a time rift, Ali.
I've an inkling I'm your time twin.
Let's go dancing!" She says "I'm in!"
Later, after shots of whisky
Both our chums are feeling frisky
Ali says "Are you this flirty
With young Algy, Ginge and Bertie?"
Biggles grins and winks an eye
"It isn't just my plane that's bi!
But on this night so bright and early
I've a fancy for a girlie..."
"But I'm hitched! I cannot dally
With a dashing Brit!" cries Ali
Biggles says "Oh, don't be silly
Just a snog, we won't tell Billy."
Draw a veil of deep discretion
Over the ensuing session
Let's just say the night is dreamy
(Biggles' goggles get quite steamy)
But too soon, it's time to go
Ali bids him "Cheerio!"
Biggles soars off like an eagle.
(NOTE: Time Twincest isn't legal....)
Tags: birthdays
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