Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Snore when you're winning

Well, it was another feckless performance from Ingerland in the World Cup, but at least we won and have earned the right to embarrass ourselves further in the quarter-finals. I actually managed to miss the one goal of the match because I'd fallen asleep at half-time. I blame Alan Hansen. Perhaps my tactic for the next round should be to try and sleep through the entire match, in the hope that I will miss a resounding victory?

On the other hand, given the foul play rife in tonight's Portugal/Holland face-off, perhaps Sven should just stick Rooney up front wielding a piece of 4x2 with a big nail in the end and hope for the best.

And I haven't even mentioned the most crucial question about next Saturday's game, which is: will it overrun and clash with Doctor Who? It's more of a worry than Wayne's metatarsals and no mistake...
Tags: telly
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