Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Nearer and nearer crept the ghastly THING

I am not going to comment on this week's Doctor Who. Oh, all right then, I will say something totally non-spoilerish, which is that I was amused to read that the aerial shots of Canary Wharf were actually leftover footage from The Apprentice. This made me wish Alan Sugar had given the most recent candidates the task of preventing an alien invasion. Imagine the larks as Syed and Ruth bludgeoned the invasion force with tedious sales patter in the hope that they'd leave out of boredom, while Sharon sobbed in a backroom because her idea for a giant space catapult had been totally ignored, and Paul stood outside mouthing off to camera about his own genius while an old lady behind him was being quietly disintegrated. Fun for all the family, eh?

Of course I am on tenterhooks till next week's DW finale, so I shall say nothing further on the matter. As a displacement activity, however, I decided to get all excited about the upcoming prospect of Torchwood-the-series, as described and illustrated in this week's DW Confidential. My speculation, bad jokes and screencaps (yay) can be found in this post (with mild spoilers) over at torch_wood. And yes, the greatcoat's great, Jack, although I think you'll find wheeler was already working that look a decade ago....
Tags: doctor who, telly, the apprentice, torchwood
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