Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

I predict a riot

Well, apparently within 25 hours (or less if someone squeals), the world will know who the new Doctor Who companion is. I profoundly hope it's someone that people don't have many or any preconceptions about, or else I foresee the schedule: 1) announcement at midnight tomorrow, 2) complete fandom wank implosion one minute later. Hey ho, perhaps I'd better get more gin in, just in case.

Anyway, if (like me) you are finding this week in Who-dom inordinately stressful, now might be a good time to play an evil entertaining little game I invented called "Start A Totally Unfounded Rumour". It's quick to learn and easy to play. All you have to do is make a one-line post in your LJ, in extra-large type, which consists of three elements:

1) A exclamation, swearword or over-excited abbreviation of your choice.
2) An annoying D-List celebrity of your choice.
3) A variety of punctuation marks of your choice.

If you still haven't got the idea, here's an example. Remember now, this is a Totally Unfounded Rumour, i.e. there's no truth in it whatsoever. I just made it up. Right there now:


Of course, you also have to remember to tag or title your post with the words "totally unfounded rumour", because if you don't, someone might mistake it for a real and true and verifiable fact, and then where would we all be, eh?

Go to it, children, and have fun, because tomorrow there may well be tears before bedtime...
Tags: silliness, totally unfounded rumour
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