Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

"It seemed that there were advantages in being a girl after all."

Due to the encouragement of livii and huskyteer, and the temptation offered by well-known purveyors of the good stuff Abebooks, I am now the owner of two Worrals books.

"Excitement is like a drug. The more you have, the more you want, and when you can't get it the old nerves begin to twitch."
- Flight Officer Joan "Worrals" Worralson

Basically, Worrals is like Biggles, but a woman. But what a woman. She flies a plane! She is plucky, she is daring! She fights Nazis! She upholds the banner of Britain! She is very concerned about the welfare of pigeons! She has a girlie best friend called Frecks Lovell who says "For the love of Mike!" a lot, and holds the fort while Worrals is out being brave and adventurous! She is, in a word, great. Oh, and the faint-hearted will be pleased to hear that the text is marginally less suggestive than Biggles, although her squadron leader still tends to ejaculate quite a lot.

Rest assured, livii, these will be winging their way westwards when I have finished with them (and you're welcome to nick the icon if you fancy it).

And speaking of noble and adventurous females, happy birthday to laurus_nobilis! ¡Que lo pases bien!
Tags: worrals
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