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Small Worlds, innit?

Well, by FAR the best bit of this week's episode was the first couple of minutes after the credits. A tied-in-a-bow gift-on-a-plate to Jack/Ianto droolers supporters everywhere. The only way it could have got any slashier would have been if Jack had kept his shirt off, but apparently we can't have everything.

The least said about the rest of the episode the better, apart from a) it was mainly ridiculous, b) the Reverend Barrowman, while a lovely, entertaining and filthy fluffbucket of a man, still can't act, and c) is Jack's backstory EVER going to make any sense, or is it like the plot of Lost, in which random revelation will be piled upon random revelation until it's irretrievably incomprehensible and everyone gets bored and goes to the pub?

I will also decline to comment on the fact that Jack's "I don't sleep" comment of a couple of weeks back now seems to be entirely figurative, so long as it eventually leads to Ianto offering to change his duvet cover.

Never mind, eh. Roll on next week, in which Ianto will be gazing into a fridge in horror. Can't wait.

EDITED TO ADD: a sensible thought (for once): I realized that Jack's willingness to give up Jasmine to the fairies is given credence by the fact that he must have actually seen a totally devastated Earth. Compared to the horror of that, one very upset mother is a price he's willing to pay. Interesting.
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