Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Something oldschool, something newschool

I'm not what you'd call an oldschool Whoperson by any means, but yesterday I mentioned to livii that I'd seen a bit of The Time Monster recently, and had been inspired to do a little scribble. She then poked me to post it. The poking must have worked.

The Mini-Master!

But as I was scanning him, it struck me that perhaps other Whoniverse characters, who are newer and more shiny and therefore closer to my shallow and magpie-like heart, might merit the same treatment. So let me introduce...


I must resist any urge to be completist about this and shall deny the bad voices that say "More of the same!". Heaven knows there are enough silly self-imposed tasks in my brain as it is...
Tags: doctor who, fan art, torchwood
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