Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

The "Beware" is there for a reason...

Four immediate thoughts about this week's Torchwood:

1. Good grief, Sarah-Hills-off-Eastenders is a crap actress. I know Toshiko is no great shakes in the thespianism department either, but standing next to the event horizon of over-mascara'd uselessness that is Daniella Denby-Ashe, she looks like Judi Dench. Well, comparatively speaking. Errr, possibly...

2. Philoctetes?? The primary fact I recall about Philoctetes is that he had a great big suppurating wound in his leg, which was so disgusting that the Greek army left him behind deliberately so that they wouldn't have to spend the Trojan Wars vomiting copiously in the front lines. Given this, I was profoundly grateful that Mary was NOT shown to have a pus-filled gash anywhere on her person. But not as grateful as Tosh must be...

3. The very pleasant surprise this week, however, was Jack. He was Jack! And he was being... well, Jack-like! Welcome back darling, how I've missed you. You were the singular pleasure in a deeply daft episode. Now, would it be too much to hope for if you were to keep your gorgeous arse parked where it is for the rest of the series? Drat, I fear it probably would...

4. Despite the shameful lack of Ianto, I was very entertained by the fact that he has precisely two thoughts in his head, one of which is "ANGUISH and DARKNESS and EMO PAIN", and the other of which is "Oh no, not again." Do you think he might have been a bowl of petunias in a past life?
Tags: torchwood
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