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Life imitates arse

Last year, some of you may recall that I produced a bit of silliness called One Thing You Always Suspected About Captain Jack, the premise of which was that Jack is the living personification of the Doctor's libido.

It has now come to my attention that during the intervening period, the situation has been entirely reversed, and the two of them have swapped places! Jack is now the angst-ridden quasi-immortal who never gets any, and Ten is now the free-range intergalactic penis-for-hire! What splendour, it all coheres.

I also realize that since I wrote that story, I myself have had the experience of leaving Sigmund Freud's office in Vienna and blinking in the sunlight. The only tiny difference was that I then went off in search of cake, rather than rampant three-way sex. Real life: never quite as good as fiction...
Tags: doctor who, torchwood
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