Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Overworked and over 'ere

Why Torchwood is better than Real Life
Scenario A: Staying Late at the Office

TW: Arming the human race against the future.
RL: Straggling behind in the race against unrealistic deadlines.

TW: Watching the pterodactyl circling the Hub.
RL: Watching the drug dealers circling the phone box over the road.

TW: Trying to figure out the purpose of mysterious alien devices.
RL: Trying to figure out why the stupid bastard printer isn't working.

TW: Ethical concerns, e.g. will gaining knowledge of future events interfere with the development of humanity?
RL: Ethical concerns, e.g. are office cleaners being exploited?

TW: Feeling hungry and sending Ianto out for a takeaway.
RL: Feeling hungry and wondering if there's any nutritional value in Post-Its.

TW: Good chance of being seduced by Captain Jack on the boardroom table.
RL: Good chance of headbutting your own keyboard from mind-numbing boredom and frustration.

TW: The putrid shambling forms of dead colleagues might rise from the morgue.
RL: The putrid shambling form of the boss might not have gone home yet....
Tags: real life, torchwood
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