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Time and Bride wait for no man

Hope everyone is having a pleasant festive season; I certainly am. While I'm still trying to hasten the pre-bedtime digestion of an industrial-sized quantity of roast vegetables, I thought I'd pop in for a spot of post-match analysis. You know the score...

So, The Runaway Bride. Well, I rather enjoyed it, on the whole. It probably helped that my expectations were rock-bottom, since I'm not a Catherine Tate fan at all (she's not totally talentless, but she IS massively overexposed), but in the circumstances, however, I found her tolerable. And now I feel some seasonal bullet points coming on...
  • Could have lived without the boring Empress of Spideriness. Basically, she could have been replaced by a big sign saying "Villain Here" and it would have made very little difference (and would have allowed Sarah Parish to go to the lav more easily as well, I imagine). Lots of fuss and special effects for the rather poor pay-off of a visual joke about spiders being flushed down drains, I thought.
  • Loved the Rose stuff, with the possible exception of the actual flashbacks in the party scene (which I thought were unsubtle and unnecessary). A lump kept coming to my throat, I must admit. And at the final "her name was Rose" part, I somehow managed to get something in my eye. At least, this is my story and I am sticking to it.
  • Gallifrey shout-out = GLEE.
  • My eyes rolled at the Doctor going a bit bloodthirsty at the end, until told off by someone. I think he and Jack have got the same disease: godlike hubris brought on by poor scriptwriting. My suggested cure would be a hot and heavy session with a tough editor. I'd also like to point out that my services are available and my rates are cheap and I'm surprisingly bendy.
  • I note that the Doctor spent quite a lot of time bending over, providing the viewing masses with plenty of chances to ogle the pert Tennant posterior. Not that I am complaining, of course. But I suspect he's heard that my eye has been turning to the Barrowman fundament of late, and is now trying to regain some lost ground in this area. Personally, I think there's nothing wrong with a spot of healthy competition, however, and wish to encourage a bit of one-upmanship. So JB, I think you'll find it's your move now...
  • New season preview: yes, fine, looks all right, I suppose. Nothing made me go yuk, anyway. Not the biggest fan of Martha's hair, but you can't have everything. She sounds okay when she speaks, at least. This is good. And a Dalek. This is... well, kind of predictable. But on the whole, fine, I shall look forward to it but mainly to the as-yet-unseen Captain Jack bits because I am shallow.

By the way, I haven't seen this week's Torchwood yet, due to a collective familial inability to understand the workings of the parental DVD recorder ('tis the season to gawp stupidly at electrical equipment together, after all). I'm coping with this distress as well as can be expected, but please, mum's the word on that one until I'm back to the land of the Londonians on Wednesday.

And a final thought before I greet my duvet. Why do they call it sloe gin, when it disappears so quickly?
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