Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Na na, hey hey, kiss him goodbye

Torchwood finale thoughts. I apologize for the incoherence and punctuational excess...

  • Captain Jack/Captain Jack = bizarre self-loving shenanigans ahoy! I mean, becoming totally entranced with someone that is basically YOURSELF in some mystical might-have-been regret-strewn way = how fucked-up yet strangely poignant and alluring is that? (Also, world-class tongue action. Oh yes.)
  • A villain that was part Kenneth Williams, part spawn of Satan! (Also, Bilis/Cravat OTP!)
  • Gwen thinking it's All About Her (TM), AGAIN. No it's not, love!
  • Owen being an utter arsehole, AGAIN. For god's sake, man!
  • Rhys's bum AGAIN. Put it away, pet!
  • Tosh getting into cutting for silly important plot reasons. Leave the religious imagery to the boss, sweetheart!
  • The "gritty and urban" member of the Whoniverse range flicking the Vs at common sense and culminating in a fuck-off enormous CGI demon from the Planet Silly!
  • Poor, loyal, coat-sniffing "part-time shag" Ianto! And finally getting a bit of onscreen liplock action, bless him! (Also, Ianto/Coat OTP = their love is so dry-clean-only!)
  • Jack's Jesus complex = now twinned with the Doctor's God complex! Co-starring the TARDIS as the Holy Spirit and Gwen "Fallen Woman" Cooper as Mary Bloody Magdalene! I love it when an overblown Biblical metaphor hoves into view! (Also, J.A.C.K. = Jesus Arsing Christ, 'Kay?)
  • Pointless TARDIS noises at the end! File under "continuity, schmontinuity"! (Also, Jack wearing his coat in the office just so that he can be wearing it when he turns up in Doctor Who!)
  • So it's goodbye to Torchwood for now, so let's do it the Captain Jack way with a big fat smacker on the lips, and just a touch of tongue. *SMOOCH* You were mocked, you were maligned, you were mainly silly, but I'll miss you, darling....
Tags: torchwood
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