Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Signs of the Thames

Today I followed alasdair's recommendation and visited the Design Museum to see the Alan Fletcher exhibition. Any London-dwellers who enjoy graphic design and typographical geekery are advised to visit while it lasts. I particularly enjoyed his letter collages (a bit like my LJ header image, only much cooler) but there's lots of good stuff. It made me come away a) wanting to be more creative, b) wishing I had more time to be creative, and c) sort of thinking that I would have the time to be creative if I only stopped fannying about so much and watching America's Next Top Model and repeats of Angel. Perhaps Alan was simply a creative genius or perhaps he just didn't have the Sci-Fi Channel. Probably both.

The Design Museum is near Tower Bridge, so when I left there, I thought it would be nice to walk along the riverside into the city centre. And it was indeed very pleasant, and I got to see a lot of Scenic London (TM), but the downside was, I also got to see about 234 branches of Starbucks, which rather made my heart sink. I am not anti-Starbucks in the sense that I do go there sometimes and they sell okay cakes, even though their coffee is a bit iffy, but I'd MUCH rather have a variety of cafes (and cakes) in my life and NOT another bloody Starbucks every fifty feet. And yet they are all FULL of people, as if there was nowhere else to go, while other non-Starbucksy places are empty and atmosphereless because everyone's in bloody Starbucks. Grrrr.

Anyway, if this also annoys you, why not visit Delocator UK and find a non-corporate cafe to have a double-whip half-caff latte with extra sprinkles near you. What's more, you can also add a nice café to it, if you know of somewhere good that's non-corporate, in the hopes that a) the nice cafe will get a bit of extra business, b) Delocator will be built up into a large and useful resource, and c) the multinational fascist oppressors will be crushed by the forces of local liberalism and nice biscuits. Note: we may be waiting a long time for c) to happen, but I reckon it's still worth a go....
Tags: culture and art, london
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