Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Queen of Denial

Here's a gratuitous link for anyone feeling a burst of seasonal vitriol today: Anti-Valentine Cards.

No, I haven't seen Life On Mars yet. I was out watching Captain Picard's knees instead, and jolly fine entertainment it was too. My only gripe would be to echo jereeza and say it took everyone just a bit too long to die at the end. Otherwise, there was lots of RSC-approved SHOUTING, plenty of men in skirts, thundering drumbeats a go-go, and Cleopatra being the biggest drama queen in the known universe. Great! And now I feel I can return to the Sci-Fi Channel, safe in the knowledge that my culture box is now topped up for at least the next five years...
Tags: culture and art
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