Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

My little turn on the catwalk

Fashionistas among you may have heard about this new Louis Vuitton handbag that has the rich and tasteless hussies of the world scratching each other's hair extensions out in envious rage. A strictly limited edition, it's known as the "Patchwork Tribute" bag because it's made of a bunch of other handbags stitched together, but is most notorious for its comedy price-tag of £23,500 ($43,000).

Well, anything old Louis can do, I can do cheaper, so I felt inspired to put together my own version. It's based on the same concept of money for old rope eco-friendly aesthetics, but is much more "down" with the "street" (hem hem). It's high fashion yet low rent; mass-produced yet hand-made, carefully crafted yet totally shoddy, ubiquitous yet unique. Frankly, it's a style paradox.

Presenting a world fashion exclusive: it's The Old-Bag Bag!

View A:

View B:

Of course, it IS rather aesthetically challenging, but when did that ever stop Victoria Beckham getting her credit card out? And at a price closer to 23 pence than 23 grand, I don't see how any footballer's wife could resist...
Tags: fashion and style
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