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Fantastic beasts and where to find them

And now folks, it's random photo time. Just a couple of odd things that have charmed me on my recent wanderings around London.

Sitting with Sharks

Yes, it's a chair made of cuddly dolphins and sharks, and is currently on display in the furniture department of Selfridges. I did look for a price-tag but it seems to be a one-off objet d'art and therefore isn't for sale. I also tried sitting on it, and while it's not exactly comfortable, because the dolphins are quite bumpy, it's not exactly uncomfortable either, because they are also fairly squashy. It's also very pleasant to stroke the ones that form the armrests, making one feel like a cross between Ernst Blofeld and a 13-year-old girl with a Seaworld fetish.

A Dog, Spotted

This dotty dog is also an objet d'art, and is currently on display inside the very arty restaurant Sketch. Those big white eggs in the background are actually the ladies toilets, and there are an identical set of them for the gents at the other side of the room. Even stranger, they are actually the LEAST impressive of the Sketch toilets, because there are another set of gorgeous bejewelled ones just off the upstairs staircase, with diamante toilet-roll holders and a constant soundtrack of bells that makes you think you're trapped in a giant musical box. It is a freaky fairyland of a place, but they make simply sensational cakes, so what's a girl to do?
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