Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

It's about to be writ again, as I ask you to focus on...

And so, farewell, Life on Mars. And here are my assorted spoilery thoughts on the final episode:

  • Gosh, that was a really bad Jimmy Savile impersonation on the radio. I thought every impressionist who ever lived could do Jimmy Savile? But apparently not, guys and gals. *waggles cigar*
  • Tom Waits! I'm not generally one to ever get excited about music on the telly, but. Tom Waits!!
  • Scary Test Card Girl, go!
  • The bit where I started mysteriously filling up was when Sam and Annie had their moment back at the station, just before Chris and Ray came in and Sam proceeded to shoot himself, metaphorically yet categorically, in the foot. Was that supposed to be the weepy bit? Worked for me, anyhow.
  • Too much Ray. Not enough Chris. 'Twas ever thus, in life as in television.
  • Was it just me, or was the prospect of Sam killing himself from loneliness/misery/inability to "feel" in 2006 so unutterably miserable that it took away from the fact of him returning to 1973 in a haze of heroic happiness? And also, was anyone else reminded of hopelessly girlie pseudo-classic Somewhere In Time? No, just me, then.
  • Of course the series could not possibly have ended without a final glimpse at the fashion wonder that is Phyllis's cardigan. She's not just a sex goddess, you know.
  • Early on in the episode, I thought "Oh, it's going to be all about Gene. Gene is going to be The Key (TM)!" Then at the end, it struck me that this assumption had been totally wrong. And while it made sense for Sam's story to be about Sam, still I feel a bit robbed, because it meant that there was Not Enough Gene. Then again, I suppose we're going to get Ashes To Ashes at some point, so he'll be back again. But when will that be? Not bleedin' soon enough, you lefty nonces....

So in conclusion: it got the job done, with some nice little nods and winks and a bit of womanly sniffling. But was it perhaps just a bit predictable? And maybe a smidge disappointing? Wonder if we'll ever know...
Tags: life on mars
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