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How To Stop A Revolting Prune

You might know that I've been cautiously dabbling my fannish phalanges into Heroes (albeit at a genteel pace: I've now reached episode 16). You may also be aware of my love of all things Molesworth. It falls to me to report that due to unpredictable weather conditions on my neural pathways, these two vastly different universes unexpectedly collided last week and the following Ghastly Thing crept out.

No matter that dividing the number of Heroes-watchers on my f-list by the sum total of the Molesworthians probably produces an audience so minuscule it cannot be seen with even a super-powered naked eye. My muse calls and answer I must (oo err posh prose).

I do feel I have to apologize just a little bit to Peter-fanciers, because I do realize he gets less weedy as the series wears on. But he'll always be Fotherington-Petrelli to me, chiz chiz...
Tags: fan art, heroes, molesworth
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