Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

And answers came there some...

Did you have a go at the silly names quiz yesterday?

Well, here are the answers. The following are genuine figures from the art world, whose existence can be verified at the Getty Institute database:
  • Ecke Bonk, a German artist (born 1953)
  • Hieronymous Cock, a Dutch artist (1510-1570)
  • Linnaeus Tripe, an English photographer (1822-1902)
  • James Arliss Bumgardner, an American painter (born 1935)
  • Illarion Ivanov-Shits, a Russian architect (1865-1937)

This of course means that Balthazar Ommegod, Wilfred Cranny-Ashe, Narcissus Licker, Wout Slutti, and Tikki Bochs (sorry, couldn't resist!) are all complete fabrications.

However, I drew the line at including the genuine mid-18th-century Chinese painter Yi Fu-chiu, who was also known by the name Fukyu...
Tags: quiz, sounds a bit rude
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