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"They called it paradise, I don't know why..."

Excuse me while I lie on the floor making wibbly noises and generally being DED from fannish glee at this week's Doctor Who. Here are some assorted off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts, which I must get out now or else I won't be able to eat my dinner properly.
  • OMG, Jack. Jack. Captain Jack, everybody. JACK!
  • Jack! Doctor! Jack! Doctor! Martha! Snark! If we'd just had these bits of bitchery and sniping and general size-of-my-banana-spacehopper oneupmanship, my cup of happiness would have pretty much runnethed over. As it was, there were lots of other things to enjoy too, but these were great. It was was like The Doctor Dances all over again. Which is a place I never thought we'd see again, but we did, and lo, it was great.
  • Rose flashbacks! Ones that have a point, even! Hand-severance flashbacks! Everything flashbacks!
  • "Can't I say hello to anyone now?" HEE.
  • Kudos to Derek Jacobi for cranking up the ham content when required, but due to lack of space in my brain, he's not going to get much coverage in this ramble. Maybe later, Derek.
  • I quite liked poor unfortunate insect-girlie. Her speech pattern WAS a bit annoying, but they sort of covered their backs there by having the Master find it annoying too, thus implying that if you were annoyed by Chantho's Chan-Tho-ing, you are ipso facto IN LEAGUE WITH EVIL. Hee.
  • I thought "Ooh, is that actual previous-Master soundclips he keeps hearing?" And according to the BBC episode guide, it was. Old-school yay!
  • I wasn't the world's biggest Human Nature fan, but I exclaimed "Oooh, clever!" when they tied it in. I love it when a plot comes together.
  • "Why are you taking your clothes off?" HEE.
  • Note to anyone with Any Dream Will Do withdrawal: Rob-the-Builder must have been Futurekind. There's no other explanation for those teeth of his.
  • "The only man you'd ever be happy with." HEE HEE. (Also works a shout-out for Real!Jack, bless.)
  • It amuses me that Jack is now the Doctor's personal coat-rack, much the same as Ianto is Jack's personal coat-rack. This clearly means that they are shagging there is some unspoken universal pecking order for these things.
  • When it became apparent we were actually going to get a regeneration, I nearly fell off the futon with pointing and bouncing.
  • I wonder whether John Simm has ever had that much fun in his life before? I'm surprised there's anything left of the TARDIS walls, he was chewing them so joyfully. My only caveat is, can he keep it up for two more episodes (oo-err missus)? Well, I guess we'll find out....
  • JACK. He's just wrong. And yet he's so right.

Anyway, I can't remember when a DW episode made me this bouncy. Not since The Parting of the Ways, methinks. I think I'm going to have to watch it again now...
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