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Tough on time, tough on the causes of time

So, The Sound of Drums. Well, I didn't QUITE hit the huge heights of squee that I reached last week, but I did have a very jolly time and a fair amount of futon-based bouncing did occur, judging by the number of overexcited comments I've managed to produce:
  • "It hasn't worked for years!"/"That's because you didn't have me." What CAN the Doctor and Jack be talking about? Oh, it's just Jack's Vortex Twiddler. Anyway, everyone holds hands and falls accurately through time, hooray!
  • While John Simm was clearly having the most fun he's ever had in his life, I thought the Master was being Too Silly (TM) for rather too much of this episode. I could certainly have lived without the face pulling and overlong gas-mask schtick, for example. Nevertheless, the drumming motif was pleasantly sinister.
  • That was probably the first and last time that I've ever been amused by Ann Widdecombe. But only because earlier today, I was entertaining myself by trying to apply well-known political catchphrases to the Master, and "something of the night" was right up there.
  • "My faithful companion." Oooh, I do like a running theme, what with Chantho last week and Mrs Master this week. Plus of course, it means there's always someone around to show off to and explain the plot. I'm now predicting that Lucy Saxon (Luce by name, tight by nature?) is going to be instrumental in her husband's downfall. I'm certainly interested to hear what her story is. Also, she's clearly a kinky minx, judging by the orgasmic look she gets on her face when there's mass destruction in the offing...
  • Jack making the tea! Hooray for basic domestic skills! I was hoping for a complaint about the quality, and him remarking that he usually delegates this stuff, but 'twas not to be. Still, at least he doesn't serve it with a splash of his own internal milk...
  • The Doctor and the Master do it on the phone! And not only do we get the equivalent of "oooh, tell me about civilizations burning, baby!" but then it's "Are you asking me out on a date?" HEE. Someone is having far too much fun writing this.
  • "Ticking every demographic box, so congratulations on that." HEE HEE. Plus glee from me at "Handsome Jack" -- I've always thought that Jacky should be Jack's theme song.
  • Am I the only person who now wants Torchwood: Lost In The Himalayas fic? Just a quick shot of them standing around in anoraks, looking cold and miserable while Ianto tries to buy coffee off a yak farmer, that would have been classic.
  • When in doubt, MORE RUNNING! I think they heard all the appreciative comments from last week...
  • Watching the Teletubbies! Commenting on them as an alien lifeform! It's the Clangers shout-out reborn!
  • CHIPS!
  • "I thought you were going to say he was your secret brother or something."/"You've been watching too much TV." HEE.
  • OMG IT'S GALLIFREY AND THERE ARE PEOPLE IN SILLY HEADDRESSES AND EVERYTHING. I was really, really not expecting anything half so old-school to occur.
  • As a small child, the Master was made to stare at swirly time vortexes on a telly-type thing and he went BONKERS. Is this a subtle comment on how TV sci-fi warps impressionable young minds, Russell?
  • And there are now only half a dozen members of Torchwood, are there? I guess that's the Cardiff cabal plus Mad-Glasgow-Bloke from Torchwood 2. I wonder if he was also in the Himalayas? (I'm holding out that we'll get to meet him in Series 2. Start casting random Scottish actors now! Billy Connolly, Robert Carlyle, anyone really...)
  • "You too, huh?" BLESS. It's like an intergalactic lonely hearts club, innit. See Martha, Jack knows your pain. He just tries to distract himself with meaningless promiscuity. Frankly, you could do worse than give it a go yourself...
  • The international viewers amongst you may not be aware of this, but when it came the Master versus the USA, this entire nation was rooting for the Master. Yeah, we KNOW he's unspeakably evil. But at least he's not American. ;-)
  • "It's a Paradox Machine!" COR! I have no idea what it is, but it sounds ace.
  • "It's the girlie and the freak. Although I'm not sure which one's which." A cheap gag but it did raise a rimshot groan from this quarter.
  • Argh, the dance music at the end was a slice of cheese too far! Was that an attempt to flog a few copies of "Now That's What I Call World Domination: The Mash-Up Master-Mix", perhaps?
  • As soon as the Master said the word "decimate", I thought "Does he know that it means reduce by a tenth?" And then the Master, linguistic pedant that he is, DID know. HE READ MY MIND OMG.
  • The ending was the bit that threw me and made me go "Eh?" a lot and scratch my head. What's going on? What are the squeaky voiced beachballs doing? (My first thought was that it could be the Gelth, who have downloaded themselves into little flying iPods.) Why bother aging up the Doctor, surely it's not going to incapacitate him THAT much, is it? (Not being pretty isn't a handicap per se, despite what Captain Jack might tell you.) And what is Martha doing up Primrose Hill (or some hill in Cardiff that's pretending to be Primrose Hill)? One presumes she has a Seekrit Plan, and isn't just going to hang out with the yummy mummies of Hampstead. Also, I predict Leo-to-the-rescue at some point.

So, still pretty gripped for next week, slightly anxious that they won't pull it off, and predictably sad because the end of the series has rolled around so soon. But let's not start sobbing too early. I can still fit plenty of bouncing into a week...

On a different but related topic, I loved the fact that you could see John Barrowman's grey roots on Would I Lie To You? All the best people unconvincingly dye their hair, you know. *points at self*
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