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9th Wonderings

As a wanderer in the post-Who and pre-Potter no-fans-land, I took the opportunity to finish watching the first series of Heroes, which also happens to be arriving on BBC2 in a couple of weeks. Those of you who have NOT yet seen it are recommended to give it a go, because I rather enjoyed it. I wouldn't call it a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, admittedly, but it's very entertaining, and packed with enough mysteries and amusements to overcome the occasional moment of longueur or oversilliness.

For those of you who HAVE seen it, a spoiler-filled hodge-podge of my thoughts, theories and rude comments about Peter Petrelli's hair can be found below.

I approve of this sort of thing...
  • The pace. What often scuppers my interest in US series like Lost is my lack of patience. Yes, you can keep me going for a short while with tantalizing hints of mystery, but eventually you're going to have to show me some answers and if you don't, I'll get bored and grumpy and won't want to play any more. Here, however, the plot clips along at a fair old whack and you feel like you're actually making progress. What larks!
  • The geekery. Well, up to a point, anyway. On the one hand, it's a great dramatic device to have the evil collector of powers and the nice collector of powers versus each other. (Collecting is good, for lo, the geeks shall inherit the earth!) On the other hand, every time Peter Petrelli tries to look hard, I find myself rolling around on the floor in helpless giggles. Bless him, because he does have a kick-ass power and all, but something about the combination of the Spockesque eyebrow lifting and the floppy fringe makes me crack up. (His hair is my favourite in-joke: what with Claude's comment and the bit when Sylar gave him an unexpected trim.)
  • The graphic design. I do like the attempts to echo the visual style of comics, without going the full and unsubtle Sin City hog. And Isaac's paintings were such a big theme that one wonders whether Peter and Sylar are now going to be scribbling away like Tony Hart every week to keep it coming. (It is amusing to consider what would have happened if either of them had acquired the power of drawing the future but were totally crap at art. "OMG! It's two stick figures and... something...hmmm... looks like a cat? A cow? A horse? A nuclear explosion? Oh, I don't know...")
  • Mr Bennet. It took me ages (and made me feel very old) to realize that he used to be Steven Carrington Mark II on Dynasty. But anyway, it was a charming revelation in Company Man that he was really a nice person all along (and a refreshing change to have characters often be LESS evil than you thought, rather than more), and so now, like everyone else, I really like the guy. And heartwarming father-daughter relationships always get to me; I think it's the Railway Children effect.
  • Matt Parkman. Does Matt get any fandom love? I don't think I've even heard anyone mention him. But I kind of like him and want to make him a cup of tea, and I do hope he lives to see series 2. Also, let's have more Audrey-from-the-FBI, because she seems like a nice, sensible woman. She doesn't have to cop off with Matt, though. They can just be mates. It would be a lot less tediously soapy that way.
  • Mrs Petrelli Senior. She's like Cherie Blair from hell and I adore her. I am also keen to know what her mystery superpower is. My boring and sensible theory is that it's the plot-enhancing dreams that Peter randomly has, but secretly I'd prefer her to have a more kick-ass ability, like breaking guns with her mind. But she'd probably consider that sort of inelegant messiness to be terribly beneath her.
  • Hiro & Ando. A no-brainer, really. since everyone loves Hiro and Ando. They are GRATE FRENDS and love each other very very much and it's dead sweet. It's also dead platonic, if you ask me, although I realize some people think differently. But I do not wish to think about that, for much the same reason as I do not wish to think about cuddly teddy bears doing the dirty in the woods.
  • Claude. Ah, Mr Eccleston, thou art a terrible scruff, but I love thee.

Down with this sort of thing....
  • The portentous voiceover bits at the start and finish. Some claim that the worth of a true hero is measured in courage. Some claim it is measured in tiny hairs on the kneecap of a 18th-century guinea pig. But no one claims that it is measured in the ability to deliver paragraphs of tedious mysticism with a straight face. So don't bother with all that malarkey, and just get on with the story. Go on, go on, go on...
  • Niki-Jessica. Boring, boring, BORING. How she can have a split personality and still be this dull, I don't know, but every time she appears I find myself flicking peanuts at the screen and pulling a variety of emotive faces that she can only dream of emulating.
  • Small children. The collective cooing over Molly Walker in the last couple of episodes made me pull vomitty faces. I suppose Mika is marginally more interesting than his boring mother but overall I find it hard to care for the under 13s.
  • The lack of crumpet. People keep asking me (well, one person asked, once) who I fancy on Heroes. The answer is: nobody. How can this be right? Surely I'm not THAT fussy? But Sylar is a) evil and b) eats brains (always a turn-off), and c) is too Neanderthal-browed for my taste; Mohinder is boring (not quite as cataclysmically boring as Niki but getting there) and saddled with too much "Here comes the dodgy science part!" exposition (and beyond that, I'm not sure he can act); I can't take Peter seriously (see above); and everyone else is...well, they just don't do it for me. Now, I realize that I may be in a minority here, but isn't the whole Heroes experience curiously sexless by the standards of most TV series? I guess there was the Isaac/Simone/Peter love triangle, but frankly, Simone had all the charisma of a wet dishcloth so I found it hard to care. Beyond that, there are married relationships (apparently married people can have sex, I've heard on good authority), but where is the nookie potential? I cannot see it from here. As it happens, I don't mind that it's not a focus on the show, but I am guessing it probably IS a focus of the fandom, since it is in every other fandom in the history of forever. And so unable to ship, I find myself stranded on Gen Island. I'd better put the kettle on.
  • The slight sense of anti-climax. I think my main problem with the end of series 1 was that it basically involved everyone trying to stop Peter from doing the superhero equivalent of crapping his pants. Call me fussy, but isn't that rather unheroic? Also, the ending didn't really change much, did it? After all, Peter and Sylar could still blow up if they felt like it, so hey, they could have the same ending for EVERY series, with a slightly different outcome every time! However, I assume this WON'T happen every series, because Peter must surely learn to control his bowels his hair his explodiness. Hopefully this will happen through the means of Claude coming back and being all strict and Supernanny and making Peter sit on the naughty step, etc. And where all else fails, hitting him with a big stick, because Claude hitting Peter with a stick is great telly and I could watch an entire episode of just that, as long as the sarcastic banter was good...
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