Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Drifting rudderless in the wide Sargasso Sea of post-Potterdom

Regular readers may have been expecting a post from me on the subject of the new Harry Potter book. I must admit that I was rather expecting one too, not least because I did enjoy the book. However, my somewhat overworked brain has so far refused to deliver any opinions on the subject that it deems sufficiently original or entertaining to post. It's unfortunate, but the whole business has become an annoying mental roadblock, so I've decided to clamber over it and carry on as best I can.

I'm sure I shall return to the matter at some future date, however, and I definitely have some arty ideas a-brewing. Time will tell how long these take to ferment, but I shall feed my muse more chocolate chip shortbread cookies and see how fast it scuttles.

In the meantime, I was charmed to hear that there has been a further international outbreak of Voldemuffins (courtesy of pelirroja_ljc and the WWR hardcore). I applaud this culinary trend and hope that the Voldemuffin becomes the new cake of choice for the glamourous glitterati. After all, Laduree macaroons are SO last year...
Tags: cake, harry potter
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