Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Some say it's chartreuse, but I say it's snot...

While I busy myself scribbling away at a new set of Doctor Who mini icons (optimistic ETA: next week...possibly), here's a minor postscript to my recent puce poll.

I happened to discover today that the colour marked as F in that poll (which definitely isn't puce by any standard definition, despite its impressive second-place position) actually possesses a very specific name in French. That name is caca d'oie, and literally, it means "goose crap". Hee! Best of all, this is not just silly slang (like "snot green") but the real and true and generally acceptable term for that particular yellowy-green shade, the kind of name you'd find written on fashion labels and the like. So you may mock, but you might all be wearing goose crap next season, darlings. Then again, by next season, geese may collectively decide to start crapping fuchsia pink in order to stay one step ahead of the times. They're both chic and cunning, those French geese.

And on the topic of other linguistic idiosyncrasies, am I the only person who keeps seeing the currently de rigueur web-phrase "It's made of fail!" and thinking "It's Maida Vale?"? Oh, just me, then...
Tags: foreign languages, trivia
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