Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Something of the Night Garden

Despite my veneer of televisual sophistication (hem hem), I've been known to watch and enjoy the occasional children's TV programme in my time, so I was particularly enchanted to discover the delirious charms of the BBC's latest psychedelic blockbuster for the under-threes, In the Night Garden. (The Teletubbies are SO last decade, don't you know.) Not only does it employ the venerable Sir Derek Jacobi as a narrator (making it canon!), it also has thrilling storylines like this one:
The Ninky Nonk Wants a Kiss: Upsy Daisy is kissing everything in the garden. She kisses a tree, a flower and Igglepiggle. She rides around the garden visiting and kissing people.

However, I must ask myself whether the internet has had a pernicious effect on my sense of wonder, because surely there's colossal potential for fanwank here. I can see it now: one raving mob proclaiming that this sort of behaviour makes Upsy Daisy look like a chavvy whore, another horde hotly disputing the producers' statement that "She and Igglepiggle are best friends, almost like a brother and sister" as unsupported and non-canonical, the crazed Igglepiggle slashers squealing that one kiss changes nothing and their hero's one true love is still Makka Pakka, and a random scattering of strange people enthusiastically shipping the flower and the tree. It's all frighteningly clear.

A shame, really, because whoever is writing this show would be an excitingly avant-garde choice to take over season 5 of Doctor Who, not to mention an absolute shoo-in for Torchwood...
Tags: fandom, in the night garden, telly
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