Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Drawn to a conclusion...

I've been scribbling away at yet another batch of my silly Mini-Who cartoons, and it was a bit of a marathon but it's now finished! There's a selection of monsters and villains from both classic and new Who, a few audio characters (well, people asked for them), and a gaggle of new-school supporting characters, ranging right up to the end of series 3 and even the forthcoming Christmas special (yes, this means Kylie). Phew.

01. 02.

Find them all over here (and the previous ones are here).

With a bit of luck, all thoughts of bizarrely shaped alien extremities will now drain away from my fevered mind, and leave a pleasant open space that can be filled with interesting and edifying topics. I shall let you all know as soon as this occurs...
Tags: doctor who, icons
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