Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

My puns: let me show you how tight they are

As a postscript to my recent Mini-Who iconmaking, I have discovered another way of indulging my penchant for poor punning.

What film does this picture represent?

The correct answer is Nine To Five. Nine-Two-Five. Geddit? Well, when you've stopped rolling your eyes, you can find another TEN films and TV shows depicted in a similar way behind the cut. Try reading them out loud if you get stuck. I also apologize in advance for the excruciating groanworthiness on display...

The Unsnappily Named Mini-Who Film and TV Bad Visual Puns Quiz!

On the off-chance that any of the more recherché ones have flummoxed you, the sorry solutions can be found by following these links: Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3, Answer 4, Answer 5, Answer 6, Answer 7, Answer 8, Answer 9, Answer 10.
Tags: doctor who, fan art, quiz
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