Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

I *Heart* the Tube Strike

All right, that title is an exaggeration, I don't actually love the current Tube strike, but since it seems likely to continue for a large chunk of this week, I thought I'd try my best to enjoy it. I admit that this strange circumstance is only feasible for three reasons: a) I can still get to work via a (crowded but short) overground train trip plus a (long but quite pleasant) walk, b) the weather is nice (or at least it was today), and c) work's not too hectic at the moment. If any of these factors ceases to hold, due to a sudden derailment or torrential rainstorm, then rest assured I shall be as miserable as everybody else.

While the sun still shines, however, I thought I'd tempt fate and list some Reasons I'm Enjoying The Tube Strike (Sort Of):
  • An opportunity to walk through the City, gawp at the huge number of new building developments (Cheapside is currently nothing but scaffolding, it seems), and admire some of the ones that are actually finished, such as the rather scenic Paternoster Square (I particularly like the incorporation of the Temple Bar arch).
  • Wandering by some of London's most evocatively named streets, such as Houndsditch, New Change, Old Jewry, and Poultry.
  • An unexpected chance to admire the surprisingly pert bottoms of youthful patrol officers of the Metropolitan Police. (Look, if they insist on walking in front of me all the way down Cheapside, where else am I going to direct my eyes, eh?)
  • The virtuous and healthy feeling acquired by walking in the fresh(ish) air, accompanied by a pleasurable sense of smugness at overtaking many an overcrowded bus with brisk ease.
  • Compensating for the aforementioned healthy exercise by going to Canteen and scoffing some of their delicious Bakewell tart. It really is a supreme example of the genre, being very heavy on jam and nuts, not too heavy on icing, and charmingly light on the pastry and cakey bits. Yum.
  • Spotting some promotional posters for the upcoming Open House London event (Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September), which reminded me to pick up a guidebook and find some interesting buildings to visit this year.
  • A sobering glimpse at an alien way of life: that of the City Suit. When a Suit ventures out of the shiny glass atrium that is his natural environment, he can generally be spotted strutting and posing outside wine bars, Starbuckses and branches of Austin Reed, with the occasional foraging raid to Tesco Metro. Despite the fact that most Suits look about eighteen and yet probably earn my annual salary in an afternoon, I like to imagine throwing rocks at them, while kidding myself that I occupy some sort of moral high ground. Well, a girl's got to keep herself entertained somehow...

Edited to Add: For once I try to keep abreast of current affairs and then this happens and I'm immediately out of date. Not to mention a mite disappointed. That'll teach me to stick to the follies of fandom life in future, since those are generally guaranteed to run and run...
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