Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

A bear behind the times?

There's been a spot of cartoon controversy lately over the fact that loveable marmalade-munching bear Paddington is making a comeback to star in an advert for Marmite. Now the plot has thickened, as Paddington's original author has declared that Paddington's switch of culinary preferences from marmalade to Marmite sandwiches is just not canon.

Has Paddington sold out to the consumer society? Is he enslaved by the decadent celebrity lifestyle and eager to grab at any flimsy chance of publicity he gets? This conundrum inspired me to produce the following visual guide, which should enable everyone to recognize the time-honoured principles of Paddingtonianism when they see them.

How to spot the REAL Paddington Bear

So, if you see a bear doing any of the things listed on the right, report him to his Aunt Lucy and the Metropolitan Police as soon as possible. The good reputation of Windsor Gardens may depend on it....
Tags: random art, telly
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