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She was only a swordmaker's daughter but she had no trouble getting blade...

My televisual cheeseboard runneth over this week. Not only has cable telly coughed up fresh series of Hell's Kitchen USA (don't look at me like that) and America's Next Top Model (no, really don't look at me like that), but what's that sailing over the rooftops? Gosh, it's series 2 of Heroes!

So, here are some assorted thoughts about Four Months Later:
  • Matt, Mohinder, Molly and their Merry Mutant Menage: it's a sitcom in the making! I imagine it was pitched as My Two Non-Biological Dads Who Are Entirely Heterosexual, Honest, but the network probably wanted a snappier title.
  • How much alcohol will Nathan have to consume before it dissolves the glue that's holding his fake beard on? I was delighted to see his mum being her usual conniving self, however: the posher and madder she gets, the more I love her.
  • Mr Bennet/Butler, hoorah! I was waiting for him to starting kicking ass down at Copy Kingdom, and was roundly pleased when he did just that.
  • It's a bit early to have an opinion about Maya and her brother yet. The same goes for Claire's new stalker, a.k.a. Peter Pan (hello trees! hello sky!), although given both the paternal side of her gene pool AND her fandom track record, I do hope he's NOT another blood relative.
  • Bless Hiro as usual, but as yet, I'm not massively fascinated by his Adventures in Japanese Flashing Blade Land. I'll give him a chance, but if it turns out that he ends up becoming the legendary Kensei himself, I want some of my money back.
  • Crap Accent Watch: I sighed very deeply when Supposedly English!Kensei turned up, especially at his ambitious pronounciation of the word "branch" (rhyming with "haunch"? Ouch!) But remembering the linguistic nadirs of Angel-the-Series, I did manage the charitable thought: "Well, at least he's not meant to be Irish." And of course THEN we got the Cork scene at the end. How ironic, or should that be Oironic?
  • Crikey O'Reilly, it's Peter Petrelli without The Hair (TM)! It's no wonder he doesn't recognize himself.
  • Foreshadowing (your clue to quality drama!) of a plentiful enticing nature. Mad stary eyes in Molly's brain! Is Hiro's dad dead, and if so, who was the lad who did in the dead dad? And what is Mr B's cunning plan to bring down the Company with Mohinder the mole? Time will surely tell.

    So overall, a fairly promising start. Let's see if they can keep it up...
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