Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

In an animated mood

Viva technological advancement! I have a freshly purchased copy of Photoshop Elements and I'm merrily fiddling around with it, working out how to do all the stuff I previously managed through a combination of Ye Olde PhotoDeluxe, Painter Classic and haphazard flapping. Current estimated time of arrival for any new art from me is now...well, some way off. But while I am enjoying the thrills of this learning curve, I feel I ought to offer you distractions of some other kind. So here are links to some of my favourite animations, which I am delighted to have rediscovered online:

  • The Cat Came Back: Prominent among the long list of Excellent Things That Come From Canada* are the many groovy animations produced by the National Film Board of Canada, and this one's an all-time gem. Sing along loudly and annoy your neighbours!

  • Blackfly: Another one from the NFB and another devilishly catchy ditty. Please try not to scratch too hard.

  • Your Face by Bill "Much more than just the NikNaks ads" Plympton: Not from Canada this time, but featuring yet another really great song. Note: the singer is a woman but her voice has been slowed down, hence the peculiar yet oddly appealing tone.

  • Gagarin: No songs this time, but plenty of caterpillars and just a smidge of tasteful vomiting....

* Also including Robertson Davies, Neil Young, livii, Alpha Flight, The Pursuit of Happiness, sydpad, and many, many more.
Tags: youtubery
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