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Go forward in your beliefs, do not pass GO, do not collect 200 pounds

While shopping today, I was startled but delighted to spot a copy of Operation: The Doctor Who Edition, a remastered version of the old board game, in which the object is now to poke a Dalek with tweezers before it gets too angry.

This sounded like such fun that I began to imagine other popular board games that could easily be reinvented in the interests of Who promotion:
  • Trivial Pinstriped-Suit
    The goal is to distract your opponents for as long as possible by blethering on about hermits, ball bearings on cakes, and how much you wish you were ginger. The one who licks the most pieces of pie wins.

  • Marthamind
    A charming game for two. Player One's object is to have lots of exciting adventures while pretending that they don't fancy Player Two. Player Two's role is to take Player One for granted and fondly bring the names of previous players into the conversation as often as possible. The winner is the first one to give up and go home.

  • Buckarose
    She's plastic but fantastic! Take it in turns piling all your fandom grievances on her until she completely disappears from view!

  • Guess Ood?
    A classic suddenly becomes a whole lot harder. Does this person have red eyes and a face full of tentacles? Yes, but so does everyone else!

  • Torchwood Twister
    Clothes must be removed before game. Hypervodka and large pot of Vaseline not included....

Rest assured I shall be calling Hasbro about these as soon as possible. Order early for Christmas, kids.
Tags: doctor who
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