Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

It's a family affair

I had an atypically rock-and-roll evening yesterday, because I went to the DiScover Club in Notting Hill to see my brother's band, The Gilded Palace of Sin.

Playing second of a line-up of four acts, they took to the stage in a comfortable sitting position (I approve of this approach, and deem that sitting down is the new standing up) and played some rockin' alt-country tunes I already knew ("Rosa Salvaje" and "There Is No Evil", which you can hear on their MySpace page), and some I didn't know (including the box-thumping washboard-tastic "Mean Old Jack") and were generally groovy despite a few sound system wobbles and an unruly theremin. Call me nepotistic, but I think they went down well with the assembled viewers. Their first EP is due out in March (on Central Control International) with an album to follow, and I shall be gratuitously plugging these when the time comes because it is my right as a glory-seeker proud relative.

The venue was small but neatly formed, with the nicest club toilets I've ever seen (admittedly, that's not a hard contest to win), and there was also an unexpected touch of showbiz glamour from the fact that Richard Coyle (from Coupling etc.) was in the audience. Not because he is a fan of my brother's band (well, perhaps he is, now?) but he seemed to be there for the act that followed them. This was Joe Gideon and the Shark, an outfit who are probably sick of being compared to the White Stripes because they are a boy on guitar and a girl on drums. Anyway, they were extremely good at kicking up a racket and are recommended to people who like noisy White-Stripesy stuff (sorry, I'm unimaginative and don't know who else to compare them to) with a lot of energetic yelling in it.

The other two acts were less worthy of note: Paul Marshall (earnest strumming) and Wintermute (angry young men who do twitchy mod dancing), but I had a surprisingly good time and although there were a lot of fresh-faced youngsters there, I didn't feel quite as ancient as I anticipated. Hooray for the rejuvenating powers of Jack Daniels decent tunes, I say...
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