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The volume is ended, and we are not yet saved...

Series 1 of Heroes came to a close on the BBC this week, and was the subject of an entertaining review in the Guardian. I was particularly amused by the description of Sylar as "the mono-browed brain-muncher who is now throbbing with so much illegally acquired superpower and Oedipal rage it's a wonder he can walk." Hee!

I, meanwhile, managed to catch up with Series 2 just as volume 2 drew to a close. On the off-chance that anyone is interested, my assorted thoughts on the events of 2.11 and other Heroic bits and bobs can be found below:

  • From what I can gather, I haven't got as much of a down on series 2 as many people have. Or perhaps it's that I saw flaws in series 1 as well. The dull bits continue to be dull, and the plot moves in odd fits and starts, but at least it does continue to move, and the good bits are still cracking telly.

  • Much as I can't abide Mohinder's non-elite acting skillz, I did enjoy his "has the world gone totally mad?" expressions at the arrival of Mr and Mrs Sylar and their attempts to chirpily play house in his kitchen. There's a great sitcom idea in there somewhere. Next week on The Serial Killers Next Door, Maya's attempts to host a polite dinner party end up in embarrassment, hilarity and a wholesale bloodbath! And every episode would end with Sylar and Maya killing each other, and then Mohinder having to bring them magically to life again, ready to fight another day in the following episode. It could run and run...

  • By the way, has anyone called social services yet about Molly? How the hell Matt and Mohinder managed to get custody of her in the first place, I can't imagine. And now they can't even manage to leave the babysitter a note that reads "Spare key under plant pot, phone numbers on notepad, do not eat Matt's cookies, N.B. no nasty serial killers in house, kthxbai".

  • Mr Bennet still rocks. And just when you think he's going soft, he rocks even harder to make up for it. I loved how proud he looked when he was told about Claire being "difficult".

  • When Peter was trying to get that big door open, all I could think was that he looked enormously constipated. This was ironic when the end of the last series was about him metaphorically crapping himself. Hey, perhaps it's all one big allegory about Peter Petrelli's digestive health? Will he eat more fibre in volume 3? Will the purpose of all those rolls of paper at Primatech become clear at last? Or am I simply unnecessarily childish and lavatorial? (Probably the latter, sorry.)

  • "We don't talk about that ever again." Hee! Poor Matt. And poor Nathan's back. There is clearly no superhero health and safety handbook that covers how to fly safely while carrying a chunkily built cop. Probably the most intentionally funny moment since Sylar gave Peter that impromptu haircut last series.

  • I don't find Elle massively interesting in herself but I like the way that she and Bob are lined up as the anti-Claire and anti-Mr Bennet. Dramatic structure and juxtaposition: your clue to quality drama.

  • Bye bye, wet and weedy West. (I hope that allemande was amused by his final roll of the eyes as I was.) And good riddance to boringly evil Adam. I do not care about him, he is just a blank charisma-free zone with no character other than "no one likes me, so I'm eeeevil". I don't even care that Hiro's unnecessarily cruel treatment of him seemed waaaaay out of character. Hiro clearly has my best interests at heart, bless him.

  • Let the ending be a warning about the dangers of longwinded and portentous speechmaking at crucial moments. But hey, did Ice-Cold Angie Petrelli get Mr B to shoot her own son? Man, you don't fuck about with that woman. (I still love her, though.)

  • Nonetheless, don't die, Nathan! You are interesting, and a good actor!

  • Do die, Niki! You are not, and not!

  • Peter clearly doesn't watch much sci-fi. First his Oirish!girlfriend got trapped in the future; now he's changed the future, so isn't she now trapped in a version of the future that didn't happen? So where is she now, if anywhere? I am resigned to the fact that she will probably just turn up at some point and a sensible explanation will probably never be forthcoming.

  • And now, an update on the issues that really matter. When I first wrote about Heroes some months ago, I commented on the lack of decent totty. I stand by my original assessment that Sylar is is too Neanderthal-browed for my taste, but it has recently come to my attention that there are angles from which this is not a problem: to whit, Exhibit A:


    Nonetheless, I remain rather less than impressed by what he's got going on above neck level. (I feel this is probably down to a genetic imperative: for a woman, I have pretty thick eyebrows, so I hate to think what would happen if Zachary Quinto and I ever bred. A race of wolf people, or possibly just giant furry caterpillars? Nature is definitely better off not knowing...)

    So my destiny is clear: I must use my super-duper powers of lechery to become a rival supervillain, whose goal is to cut off Sylar's head and replace it with the head of someone I like more! Possibly by sticking it on with a Claire® brand sticking plaster, guaranteed to heal all nasty cuts in 10 seconds or less...
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