Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Stocking the seasonal storecupboard

I am now ensconced in the ancestral homelands of the North and am as ready as I'll ever be for a few days of festive face-stuffing and bad telly. If you're feeling less than prepared, however, I may not be able to mull you a glass of wine or find the broken fairylight on your fifty-foot string, but I can proffer a few tokenistic scribbles that you may be requiring come tomorrow evening.

These aren't actually new, since I drew Astrid as part of my last batch of mini-people, but her time in the limelight has now come, and I've paired her up with a freshly repackaged Ten-in-a-tux.

There are no spoilers implied in the above, by the way, since I haven't seen so much as a trailer for Voyage of the Damned yet. I simply assumed that since Astrid presumably possesses a pulse and the Doctor definitely does, someone is going to want to ship them. (Having said that, after watching last night's Top Gear, I'm of the belief that the real OTP of the season may be David Tennant/Jeremy Clarkson. Well, if discussing the exchange of sexual favours in return for a shunt up the Star In A Reasonably Priced Car scoreboard counts as true romance, it is.)

Anyhow, a Merry Non-Denominational Consumerfest to all of you, and I shall probably pop in at some point over the next couple of days for a spot of Titanically themed post-match commentary...
Tags: doctor who, top gear
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