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Voyage, Voyage

As promised, a Voyage of the Damned post-match analysis. (I did vaguely glimpse the DW season four preview as well, but it is not discussed here for the purposes of spoiler-avoidance for those that want it.)

  • Theme remix ahoy! Normally I don't like it when they tinker endlessly with theme music, but the new version is positively thundering.

  • I'm rather glad I managed total spoiler (and trailer) avoidance for this, because it meant that I was nicely surprised when the Titanic turned out to be a spaceship, thus neatly avoiding all the pre-existing canonical and sort-of-canonical occurences of the Doctor being on, near, under or in the original Titanic. (Also, Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic, anyone?)

  • Does anyone remember a notorious piece of fangurl badfic from a couple of years ago, in which the Doctor takes Rose for a "romantic" cruise on the Titanic, with both of them aware that the Titanic is a very famous ship but neither of them remembering WHY that is? Perhaps the author of that one hailed from the planet Sto. It would explain a lot.

  • Speaking of which, much love for the planet Sto, because I live in the 'Stow! (Walthamstow, that is.) I also giggled at the "London is deserted because we are not all thick" twist.

  • Astrid/Ten for ever about five minutes: Now there's a ship that everyone knew was bound to sink. Particularly after she asked to go with him; that was as good as pasting a "DOOMED" sign to her forehead. It all felt rather "this relationship iz pasted on yay" to me, although Astrid was sweet enough in herself, particularly her line about not minding seeing Ten in the morning (nor would we all, dearie). I just didn't really feel it from Ten's side. If she'd have lived, I reckon he'd have been down with another major attack of commitment-phobia before you could say "revolving fireplace"...

  • Come to think of it, Astrid/Bannakaffalatta was a much better ship all round. Cuter and more tragic without trying too hard. Bless.

  • The Bloody Queen: Oh, for heaven's sake. It is precisely this sort of thing that makes people want to take Russell T. Davies outside and give him a good kicking, isn't it? (It's also the kind of thing that makes my family turn to me and mock my fannishness loudly. Ahem.) And in return, RTD usually makes some mildly irritating comment about people who take it all too seriously, and plans something even more silly for next time. I can only sigh deeply and remind myself that he's also responsible for lots of the good bits too.

  • Poor old Mr Copper. "I travel alone"?? You lying git, Doctor! Why didn't you just say "Sorry, I'm a shallow bastard", or "You don't have the legs for a miniskirt", or "I'd rather risk the fate of the universe than give you a tongue sandwich", or "You may be younger than Captain Jack but you are substantially less pretty", or any one of several hundred more honest reasons?

  • Overall then, passable viewing after a day of face-stuffing, but ultimately a bit rubbish. Never mind, eh. Let's look forward to...

  • ...the Torchwood series 2 trailer! There was running and jumping and monsters and Jack saying "Did you miss me?" and Ianto mithering in the rain and Jim-Robinson-off-Neighbours and Martha popping up and Spike-off-Buffy talking about shagging poodles! Great, more of the wholesome family entertainment we've come to expect, then. (Yes, I am actually looking forward to this. No, I'm not ashamed...)
Tags: doctor who, torchwood
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