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Something tasty from the freezer cabinet?

It's Wednesday night, it's Torchwood time, it's "To The Last Man", and this week, Tosh fancies defrosting a crumpet....

  • So we begin at the end, signalling straight away that this is not just Tosh's own version of Captain Jack Harkness, it's also her version of The Girl In The Fireplace. Or more correctly, The Boy In The Freezer Drawer.

  • Gerald/Harriet OTP: their love is so stiff-upper-lipped! I love the idea of Torchwood 1918, and dearly want to know what they got up to, but I imagine we're unlikely to hear about them again (at least, outside of fanfiction). In case you can't see the official site, here's the full Torchwood 1918 line-up. The jury is out as to whether their lack of cheeriness is due to wartime fear and deprivation, to angst-centric recruitment policies, or simply to excessively starched underwear.

  • Aww, I feel for Tosh. If I had one day a year when I'd be guaranteed to clap eyes on a decent-looking bloke, I'd be quite bouncy about it too.

  • Now, I don't know if you kept up with the TW website last year, but among the random is-it-canon-or-not bits and bobs, there was a story there in the form of a Torchwood operative's report from the 1960s about an amnesiac man that they kept in deep freeze, waking him up once a year to see if he remembered anything, and then sending him back to sleep again. I've had a look at the site and I can't see those series 1 files any more (have they been removed or do you know better?), but as I recall, the sleeper was a handsome blue-eyed man and the (female) operative writing the report had a big crush on him. The implication at the time was that the sleeper may have been Jack, but it was left very vague. Now, the exact details don't match To The Last Man (Tommy wasn't amnesiac or blue-eyed, for example) but I though it was interesting that that tale seems to have been the inspiration behind the episode, or at least that they were both developed from the same basic concept.

  • Got to love Ianto's look when he realizes he can't just stand around smiling, he's got to put the kettle on, because everyone else is Not The Tea Boy, and he is. BLESS.

  • Awww, look at Tommy. All fresh-faced and cutely accented. Good casting choice, I think: he was very likeable from the get-go.

  • "Jack, have you got any more of those pretty boys in the freezer?" Nope, Jack's is busy putting the kettle on...

  • I am amused that Gwen and Ianto both seem to be genetically predisposed to fancy people who run Torchwood, even if they aren't galactically handsome. Perhaps it's something they put in the tea?

  • Jack always does his serious face when war-related stuff comes up, doesn't he. There was also a bit of a gap into which they could have slipped a bit more information about Jack, but of course they elected not to. For instance, what DID he do in the First World War? Or how many times has HE met Tommy? Does "Tosh saw him first" mean he's been at Torchwood for less than four years? Or does "He's been here longer than any of us... any of you" mean that Jack HAS been there for an insanely long time? Alas, how my brain hurts. I know they don't want to tell us EVERYthing, but I get frustrated when it means that they never tell us ANYthing...

  • Gosh, Tosh has found a man who will do anything for her. Quick, get him to do the ironing and tile the bathroom! On second thoughts, it seems he's actually up for a shag. So why don't you sit on a bench and angst for a while about the age gap? (Jack never bothers with such minutiae... of which more later.) Ooops, too late to shag now, you have to go back to the Hub and listen to Jack expositioning at you, AGAIN. The moral is clearly: snog first, expose later. ;-)

  • And now we have Owen trying to be new-mannish and sympathetic. The "are we meant to be shipping these two?" questions raise their heads once more. Nonetheless, he gets points for relevance and continuity because he has been in a similar position with Diane. (Only, errr, Diane left him by choice and he behaved like a self-centred arse, but let's be charitable and assume he learned something from that.)

  • The bit about the car insurance poster made me glad that Torchwood 1918 didn't accidentally watch a Sheila's Wheels ad. Otherwise they'd have made notes like "The Antipodeans have clearly taken over the Empire, everyone wears pink sequinned evening gowns now and is obsessed with things being 'bonzer'...."

  • Hooray, not only has the magic box opened to explain the plot, but it's created a burst of romantic angst AND left a handy 12-hour window for everyone to get some compensatory snog action! Torchwood priorities haven't changed in ninety years, it seems.

  • Saving the world in pyjamas? I wonder where we've heard that one before?

  • I could have lived without the groanworthy "what shall Tommy and Tosh do now?" scene. You'd think Torchwood would have an emergency poster on the wall reading "IF WORLD IS ENDING, PLEASE SHAG", that someone could have pointed at.

  • And speaking of which, here's Ianto coming to Jack's office. MAUVE ALERT, MAUVE ALERT. It's worth noting that third time is clearly the charm when it comes to these two snogging: the first time Ianto was unconscious, and the second time, he pretty much just stood there being slightly stunned. This time, though? I have only one word, and that word is PHWOARRGGGHHHH. That's with four Hs, standing for Hot, Hot, Hot, and Hot. (The final one is silent, mainly because I temporarily forgot how to speak.) It's the hands, isn't it. The hands, and the wrist strap. Guh.

  • For those searching for dramatic relevance in this scene, I would point out that Ianto too is romantically involved with someone not of this time. Will his romance be as doomed as Owen's was and Tosh's is, though? Oh, my poor Welsh sweetie, I do hope not. I did notice Jack playing the 'vague' card: "...loved people I never would have known if I'd just stayed where I was". Shippers of the world, interpret how you will, and try to keep the noise down....

  • And now, Tommy goes off to his Doom (TM). I wondered whether they'd somehow manage to avoid the Doom (TM), if only to make it different from other episodes with similarly unavoidable romantic tragedy (I am mainly thinking of Captain Jack Harkness). They didn't, though. Not that I object to this plot in theory: I just object to the fact that we've had it before. Overfamiliarity breeds indifference, and there's nothing for Tosh to do except suck up the angst and sniffle. Poor lass.

  • Good grief, it's the Out-of-Nowhere, Extra-Technobabblized Psychic Projection Solution! Silliness alert, silliness alert! Head and desk in imminent collision! Oh, what the heck. Let's just pass over the whole thing and try to get on with our everyday lives.

  • And once again, Owen offers a shoulder to cry on. It would serve him right if Tosh now went off the rails and started binge-drinking and picking fights with Weevils. (I'd like to see her try: I bet she could whup Janet's ass if she put her mind to it...)

  • All in all, a lot better than I was expecting: I like Tosh but she's often very badly served by scripts so my hopes weren't high. Admittedly, I did find the eventual tragic ending to be too pasted on to move me much, but Tommy was so endearing and her desire for a relationship with him was touching and made sense. The others had smaller parts to play but a nice series of parallels was drawn, giving more cohesion to the whole than it would have had. And as a bonus, how about a dose of Torchwood: The Corset Years AND a side helping of hot two-boy action? To borrow the words of the great philosopher Mr Oliver Twist: please sir, I want some more...

As usual, I didn't watch the trailer for next week, so mum's the word, please...
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