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Would you Adam and Eve it?

It's Wednesday, it's Torchwood, I'm predictable, you know the drill.

Here are my assorted thoughts on "Adam":

  • Oh look, they've cut Adam into the pre-credits sequence, as if he'd always been there. I spy a little nod to the Buffy episode Superstar there.

  • I note that this week's episode continues the trend of mining spin-off materials for ideas. First there was "To The Last Man", which took off from an idea from one of last year's website bits, and now this episode reworks the premise of "Torchwood suddenly have a new member but they don't realize he's new", which is central to one of the spin-off novels, Border Princes. (I haven't read it, I must confess: I've only seen the Wikipedia page, but apparently the new guy in that version shacks up with Gwen rather than Tosh, and his motivation for being there is apparently very different, so errr, if you want to read it, I haven't spoilered you for it. Honest.)

  • Oh look, it's Small Androgynous Child from Jack's glowy dream in episode 2.01. Hooray for continuity. I was keen to know whether this would all be explained so comparatively soon in the series.

  • So Ianto and Jack sometimes go "hunting together", do they? Now there's a form of countryside sport I can get behind...

  • I must admit, I found the Owen/Tosh interaction a bit tedious this week. I can see why Adam might want to crank up Tosh's confidence and shaggability levels, but why bother making Owen a cardigan-wearing geek, other than to give us a vicarious laugh? The problem was that it came across as a bit sad rather than funny. All it meant was that if Owen were a totally different person, he'd be quite sweet. But he's not a totally different person, is he. He's Owen. To me it felt too much like going through tedious shipper motions that would then be quickly overwritten.

  • I cannot relate how hilarious I find it that Jack apparently grew up in Star Wars. The planet Tattooine: now twinned with a seaside resort in South Wales! Yes, not only is he Han Solo, but now he's also Luke Skywalker, complete with space pyjamas and a long-lost sibling. (I hope for his sake that Grey isn't anyone he's accidentally snogged over the years, though, because....ewwww.)

  • And if, like me, you were trying to figure out accents and the authenticity thereof in those flashback scenes, it transpires that Jack's dad and Jack's mum are both American in real life, although little Jack himself is British.

  • So if Grey is Jack's brother, what was Jack's original name? My money's on Pink, because he always knows how to get the party started...

  • So Ianto "Bridget" Jones keeps a diary? I can picture it now. "Coffees 4 (vg). Shirt burgundy (plus shagtastic waistcoat). Artifacts 3 (one long and pointy, two round and squidgy)." I am now looking forward to Renee Zellweger stuffing socks down her pants and learning a Welsh accent for the role.....

  • Awww, my heart sank for Ianto when I realized he'd be made to pay for finding out Adam's little game. Those dream scenes managed to strike an impressive balance between disturbing and dreamlike. On the one hand, more canonical sobbing!Ianto is probably not a great thing for his fandom image. (Frankly, if fanfic!Ianto were attached to the water mains, he's be such a drain on resources that Cardiff would be under a permanent hosepipe ban.) On the other hand, the lovely Gareth D-L is a little wonder in those heavy emotional scenes, isn't he? His work on the lie detector stuff was sterling. Much better than the Reverend Barrowman, who, adore him though I do, is never going to bother the Baftas with his elite acting skills. Having said that, he did at least manage to keep it down to a low throb on most of his BIG ANGSTY PAST scenes this week, so a sprinkling of kudos for that. Plus, his arse looks damn good when he's walking away...

  • I'm really warming to Rhys this series. I liked his corner-shop rant that sparked off Gwen's memory, and their subsequent kissing scene was really sweet. As for the Tosh/Adam shagathon... well, it's kind of ironic that her big romance with Tommy faded out discreetly, but this week she was all upfront (quite literally) for no good reason. Still, I would never deride what others may see as a fine opportunity for Tosh-based lechery or lech-based Toshery, even if it's one I don't want to take advantage of myself. (Well, not if it increases the chances of Ianto getting his shirt off later in the series, hem hem.)

  • Not only have they remembered that they've got CCTV in the Hub, but it's CCTV that magically cuts to the relevant bits without fast-forwarding through hours of pointless empty-desk footage! Or perhaps Jack was just using the BBC iPlayer to rewatch the episode up to this point and work out what was going on?

  • And now, another pointless gadget we may never see again: Jack's hypno dream machine, with swirly Powerpoint capability.

  • Torchwood officially has more ships per minute than any other show, FACT. I barely had time to roll my eyes at Gwen loving Jack in a totally different way to the way she loves Rhys (perhaps she loves him like she loves Marmite?), before I found myself awwwing at Ianto's sweet face and Jack's little kiss on the forehead, bless. This whole scene generally did an excellent job of propping up the Jack/Everyone manifesto (motto: "He Loves Them All...With Tongues").

    And to round up those other ships, we also had:
    • Tosh/Any Psycho Who'll Have Her: clearly poor Tommy was just a kindhearted blip on her "Raving Nutters Only" dating radar.
    • Owen/Knitwear: cardigans AND tanktops? It's shameless, it really is.
    • Ianto/Pain: this one will run and run.
    • Tosh/Wonderbra: the ship that lifts and separates!
    • and last but certainly longest, Jack/measuring tape! What with measuring tapes and stopwatches, what IS the obsession that men have with precision?

  • I do have to put my foot in the huge plothole they left at the end of the show: everyone loses the last two days and it's all fine... except for Rhys! Who still remembers! D'oh! I'd like to be charitable here, but really, it's pretty hard. Maybe Jack is working on a natty little retcon-at-a-distance gun that he can fire from the Hub and wipe out Rhys's memory from a distance? Or maybe it's part of his needlessly convoluted Gwen-getting plan of his own devising? Or maybe it's just a big old gaping gap from the time-honoured school of "we didn't think this through properly and then we went to the pub and forgot about it". Sigh...

  • All in all, better than I was expecting. Some parts were predictable, Adam himself was (ironically enough) not massively memorable, and there was also a fair whack of plot-related handwaving, but there were also some nice character bits, especially for Rhys, Ianto turning some potentially corny scenes into something quite moving, and of course, the big sell of Finally, Some Actual Information About Jack (TM). Will we get to see Grown-Up Grey? Is Jack's mum still around? Has Captain John already had both of them?? These questions and more, I hope, will not be forgotten as the series winds its way onwards.

Edited to say: How thick am I? I am so spoilerphobic at the moment that I totally failed to notice that there were two episodes tonight! And I was in the house and could have watched the second one and everything! D'oh is me! I shall have catch up on BBC iPlayer tomorrow. Until then, no comments about "Reset", please...
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