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In a moment, Torchwood, but first, wildlife news.

I've got a mouse in my flat! Eeek! I suspected as much a few weeks ago, when I heard scuttling noises behind the oven during the night, but they stopped after a couple of days, and I detected no further clues to a mousely presence. That is, until I was watching Torchwood tonight, and a small brown furry head peeped around the kitchen doorframe, clearly eager to find out what Captain Jack and company were up to this week. My startled shriek of dismay sent it dashing back behind the fridge, however, with its fannish tendencies unsatisfied. Now I can only hope that my humane catchy-box mousetrap loaded with biscuit crumbs will ensnare it before I am forced to make any more unbecoming noises...

And now, my comments on "Adrift".

  • BBC3 Logowatch update: it was back on screen this week. Curse its unsightly cerise squiggliness.

  • Jonah's mum is Myfanwy! No, not Myfanwy the pterodactyl, but Myfanwy from Little Britain.

  • When Jonah's mum said that his dad was a fly-by-night ne'er-do-well, I wondered for a fleeting moment whether he might be Jack, explaining his presence at the scene. Later, when it turned out that tons of people had gone missing, I realized that Jack probably wasn't going to be the father of all of them, but it did lead my brain to produce a mad theory that he might be hiding his own secret children on a remote Welsh island, possibly so that they don't accidentally commit incest. (Aren't you glad I don't write this show?)

  • It's PC Andy, hooray! And he's explaining why he wasn't at Gwen's wedding, continuity-based hooray! And it was because... he's in love with Gwen?? Oh, for heaven's sake, man. It's getting to be like There's Something About Gwenny, it really is.

  • Oh, Jack's going "weevil-hunting" with Ianto? Well, from what Ianto said back in "Adam", that's pretty standard foreplay in Torchwoodland.

  • Awww for Gwen being nice to Rhys and the two of them being cosy and couply.

  • I'm always annoyed by plot developments that involve deliberately not telling people stuff: it's the most tedious, EastEnders-ish way to prolong a storyline. In this particular case, however, I can forgive it retrospectively as dramatic shorthand for "this will work out BADLY". Because it really did.

  • "They need counselling, support... that is not us." Owen had about two lines in this episode but this one was as true as it gets.

  • Oh no, now Gwen is being nasty to poor Rhys! And Rhys rightly calls her on it, good for him. It struck me that it's a bit ironic that Gwen is so unpopular with a large section of the fandom, because her occasional retreats into self-regarding "I want everyone to listen to me, and everything to be about me, and the moon on a stick, and a pony" entitlement are fan-brat behaviour par excellence. Nonetheless, Gwen is also capable of grown-up behaviour, such as learning from her mistakes, which some allegedly fannish folk never seem to do.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Can you guess which bit I just watched? (And no, it wasn't the moment when my resident mouse scuttled out of the kitchen.)

  • And now, a more coherent follow-up to the above. Unexpected semi-naked Jack and Ianto! Their open-mouthed expressions of shock! Gwen's smirk as she scuttled away! Jack mooting the threesome option (look, fandom, the solution to all your squabbles is right there if you want it!)! Naked hide-and-seek ("He cheats. He always cheats.")! Ianto's little look to Gwen at the end, which said "I'm going to go back in there after him now. You honestly didn't expect me to protest, did you?"!

    In short: well done, BBC! (And yeah, I'm shallow... but you knew that already.)

  • Awww, bless Ianto! Not only is he being kind to Gwen, but you can rely on him for a post-coital cuppa. (And calm down with all the yelling, Jack. What CAN be so urgent once you've reached the cup of tea stage? Then again, maybe he was tied up or something...)

  • And now the secret comes out. Jack has been providing funding for very specific mental health services that Cardiff NHS Primary Care Trust presumably couldn't cope with. And the staff seem very sweet if Helen is anything to go by. Mind you, she should definitely nag Jack to cough up for a lick of paint for the place.

  • Liked the subtle reference to Gray: yes, Jack has lost someone and definitely WOULD want to know, so his allowing Gwen to continue with her plan despite its potential repercussions does ring true.

  • When Jonah's mum turned up for her visit, I had an "Oh no, this is going to work out BADLY" feeling. I was also reminded of TW's previous time-shifted parent-child reunion scene, the one with John Ellis in "Out of Time". This one was both happier at first (because at least they had their brief moment of recognition), and much, much worse. Jonah's fate was starkly played and absolutely chilling: it made me think of The Twilight Zone or the type of future-horror stories from 2000 AD that really freaked me out as a child.

  • Overall then, not hugely promising in its initial "Gwen's on a mission" build-up, but the outcome was genuinely devastating when it came. I particularly liked the fact that Jack had been right all along but didn't come across as a ruthless bastard about it (as he was back in "Sleeper"). Gwen had to make her own terrible mistake and deal with the consequences, and all he could do at the end was watch quietly.

    I only hope that the lesson she is supposed to have learned sticks with her, and that they don't do the "teach Gwen not to take her real life for granted" dynamic again. Dramatically, I think this was about as good as this style of TW story can get, and having yet another run-through would spoil its power.

  • And in peripheral Who news, I notice that the Torchwood Messages page now contains a big clue to the identity of Martha's boyfriend...

Don't forget now: the next episode of Torchwood is in a mere two days time. Let's hope it's good (as in Friday) and not eggy (as in Easter)...
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