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Ood do you think you are?

First of all, thanks to all those who tickled my ticky boxes in the potential mini-icons poll. Ticks are still welcome, if you missed it.

And now, my thoughts on Planet of the Ood:

  • Clearly Donna brought a LOT of styling gadgets with her, judging by her very L'Oréal hairdo this week. Her coat was very nice too, although given the themes of this episode, it's rather a shame so many Cookie Monsters had to be skinned to make it.

  • As a North-East lass myself, I also wondered what would have happened if Donna had been from Newcastle instead of Chiswick. Would she have gone back into the TARDIS and come out wearing LESS clothing?

  • The Doctor and Donna are still not keen on being mistaken for a couple. If I were Donna, I'd start telling everyone that he was my chauffeur.

  • The Ood are like polite Weevils with better tailoring. (I imagine that they are in fact the same blokes under different rubber heads.)

  • The comedy-voice Ood were more than a little creepy, but hey, why was there no gravelly-voiced "hey laydeez" option for the stressed businessWOMAN? Mind you, I'm somewhat amazed they were restrained enough not to have one of them programmed to repeat "Am I bovvered?" Perhaps that would have been too cheesy even for RTD.

  • I laughed at Donna's mention of Persil balls. I wonder whether the Ood translators ARE made from Persil balls? It would be very old-school BBC, make-do-and-mend, Mat-Irvine-on-Swap-Shop if they were.

  • The Claw! The Claw! Frankly, I am very disappointed that the official website haven't added a catch-a-little-Doctor-with-a-giant-Claw game, because that would have been fabulous.

  • "A species born to serve could never have evolved in the first place." Well yes. On the other hand, a species who carry their brains about in their hands: that makes sense, does it? Brains need protection: that's why we have such thick heads, innit.

  • When the Doctor could hear the singing, I was wondering whether he was hearing the rehearsals for Britain's Got Talent on the other side.

  • MIND MELD MOMENT! (Anyone collecting Psychic!Doctor points gets to take a drink.) On the one hand, Donna's reaction to the singing was quite moving. On the other hand, a bit of me kept thinking "But that's the something-tragic's-happening background music we have to listen to almost every week!"

  • The visiting reps were spookily reminiscent of contestants from The Apprentice. Perhaps that's why it was gruesomely satisfying when they started to get offed.

  • "Doctor! Donna! Friends! Doctor! Donna! Friends!" Yes folks, it's your non-shipping manifesto for the series. Doctor, I think you doth protest too much.

  • Harry Potter's dad is working for the side of good, hoorah!

  • According to the BBC episode fact file, they edited down the sequence of Halpen turning into an Ood for fear that it would be too scary for younger viewers. I reckon my littler self would have been VERY wobbly after the bit that they DID show. (True fact: as a three-and-a-half-year-old, I completely freaked out at the end of The Sontaran Experiment when a Sontaran's face melts and oozes goo. I subsequently refused to watch DW for a couple of years afterwards...)

  • And now the Ood all hold hands and sing "Kum Ba Yah" or "The Wind Beneath My Wings" or something. Andrew Lloyd-Webber would not be hugely impressed.

  • "I think your song must end soon." LOOK EVERYONE: FORESHADOWING! Your clue to quality drama!

  • "Our children will sing of the Doctor/Donna." Oh no, Doctor, after all your protests, the Ood are going to ship you both anyway! (Meanwhile, I have now started to ship Ood Sigma with Janet the Weevil.)

  • The moral of this story is, the next time someone offers you a hot beverage, take a moment to look at them and see whether they are being hideously enslaved. This is a message from the Friends of Overexploited Starbucks Employees Liberation Front.

  • In conclusion: pacier than I was expecting, although maybe a bit TOO heavy with the sledgehammer social messages. Pleasantly old-school nonetheless, and Donna continues to be generally formidable in both the English and French senses of the word.

As a postscript to such a punworthy episode, it's rather a shame that this week's edition of I'd Do Anything didn't start with a mass rendition of "Ood, Glorious Ood"...
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