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Daughter in the water

I sat down for this week's Doctor Who with a large G & T. On reflection, I think this was a good decision.

And now some thoughts on The Doctor's Daughter:

  • Was the title of this episode deliberately chosen to raise the highest possible number of fan hackles? Nonetheless, the explanation for the Doctor's sudden bout of fatherhood turned out to be relatively anodyne. For the new-schoolers, there was no ship-sinking sex involved, because there WAS no sex involved, and for the old-schoolers, there was no sex involved. In fact, as the song says, it's just the Doctor and his hand tonight. Just think: a couple of inches further up his arm and Jenny could have been one off the wrist...

  • A pair of doors, a blasting smoke machine, and out comes a strange and disturbing anomaly: was anyone else reminded of Stars In Their Eyes?

  • Shouldn't Jenny be spelled Genny, if it's short for Generated Anomaly? Still, it could be worse, it could Mari-Kari-Kiri Moonlight Demonia von Sporkington-Goth, or something.

  • I note with interest that this week they are on Messaline. Not on mescaline, which is something different, although it might have made for a less predictable plot.

  • On this week's edition of Spot The British Character Actor, General Cobb is Nigel Terry of Excalibur and I-saw-him-with-the-RSC-when-I-was-eighteen fame, and Young Soldier Bloke is one of the lads from Skins.

  • Aww, the Hath like Martha, and want to love her and pet her and call her Bubble-Bubble-Bubble.

  • "I have a body, I have a mind, I have independent thought, how am I not real?" Errr, perhaps because you're blandly perky and have no other character traits of any interest whatsoever? I know it's all down to stunt casting because Jenny really is a Doctor's daughter, but goodness me, I found her positively painful to watch.

  • The dictionary entry for Genocide may well have a picture of the Doctor in it, but the caption is more likely to be "Tried it once, didn't like it." (Feel free to guess which OTHER words might use the same image and caption...)

  • According to the BBC fact file for this episode, the jumping-over-laser-beams was inspired by the video for "Toxic" by Britney Spears. No mention of the fact that said video was inspired by the Catherine Zeta-Jones bit in Entrapment, which was also spoofed in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which means it's getting kind of tedious now.

  • Poor heroic Hath, saving Martha from the mudpit. If he'd have lived, I'd have shipped him with the Blowfish from Torchwood. Come on, it's the ideal follow-up to Janet the Weevil/Ood Sigma! And the fact that all four of them are the same guy under the suit is the icing on the cake, I feel.

  • Jenny gets very excited about the prospect of intergalactic travel, and so her Astrid-like doom is sealed. Never invite yourself onto the TARDIS; it's more dangerous than boasting about your happy relationship to Hello! magazine.

  • Gosh, a burst of actual interest, in the form of the Doctor's conversation with Donna about his former family! We don't find out anything new, other than "they" were plural, but I liked Donna's straight talking and DT's acting at this point was pretty good too.

  • I wondered whether the Endless Week-Long War would make more sense on a second viewing, but it didn't. Surely General Cobb wasn't born within the last week, was he? Then why is he talking about "ancient halls" and "longer than anyone can remember"? Or was he born old? Or do the clone-people age in an accelerated way? Oh dear, perhaps if I just wave my hands hard enough, it will all go away and I won't have to think about it any more.

  • As predicted, Jenny bites the big one. Or has she? Did anyone think she would actually stay dead? Has anyone tried turning the video off at this point, so that she does?

  • Possibly because it's bored with being the all-purpose plot-hole fixer, the TARDIS has now started to create its own, just for a laugh. I think it needs to get a hobby.

  • Oh no, Donna activates the Foreshadowing (TM) button by saying she's going to stay with the Doctor forever. We all know what happens when you recklessly tempt the Script Gods like that. Also, she has recklessly forgotten that she may well meet someone who meets the double-whammy criteria of spaceship-ownership AND shaggability, and where will the long streak of alien nothing be then, eh?

    Now would also be an appropriate time to point out that we're six episodes into the series and Donna has not yet got her naughty on. By mid-series last time, Martha had already pulled Shakespeare AND was about to cop a bit of tongue from that nice spaceship boy in 42. Come on writers, let Donna get a bit!

  • And coming as a surprise to absolutely nobody and a source of wretched eyerolling in quite a few, Jenny is Not Dead. And she zooms off in search of a branch of Hot Topic, or something.

  • In conclusion: exasperatingly poor. I liked the Hath, and Donna, and some of DT's acting (he sold his half of the relationship with Jenny even though she didn't), and even Martha came out of it relatively well. But the rest was rubbish. I profoundly hope that they don't ever bring Jenny back, not ever, NEVER. But if she comes sailing in heroically at the end of the series... well, I'll keep my gin bottle handy. Hmm, if only Ten had a bit more fat on him, he could have produced a cute little Adipose and everything would have been much happier...
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