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Recent readers of my LJ might be under the impression that all of my waking thoughts are connected with Doctor Who, but this is not strictly correct. And not only because some of them are about Torchwood.

In fact, there are countless weighty subjects that exercise my brain between installments of popular BBC drama series, and many of them are vigorously debated with my regular collaborator in philosophical discourse, the woman I share an office with. (Yes, work's a bit dull at the moment, why do you ask?) Here are just a few of the topics that we have had cause to discuss this week:
  • Would Raphael (the painter, not the Ninja Turtle) have been familiar with bananas?
  • Has Eva Longoria ever actually eaten a Magnum in her life?
  • If you were going out with George Clooney and then split up with him, would Matt Damon be likely to stay friends with you, or would he side with George?
  • If we got a pet elephant for the office, where would we keep it, and would we be able to get it down the stairs if there was a fire drill?
  • If I wanted to commute to work in a shopping trolley pulled by squirrels, how many squirrels would I need to harness, and what would be the best way to get them all to move in the same direction?

All this and it's only Tuesday. So if you have any fresh insights into any of these conundra, I'd be keen to hear about them. Alternatively, you may wish to share some of the more obscure topics that have recently flitted through your own head. Better out than in, I always say...
Tags: trivia
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