Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Confessions of a lazy iconmaker

Hello all! Let it be known far and wide that I am still alive, in case anyone was wondering. I'm working on one or two fannish bits and pieces, but things are moving rather slowly and even the usual doses of gin and chocolate biscuits are failing to kickstart my recalcitrant muse into action. Oh well, when I do actually finish something new, you'll be the first ones to know.

In other news, I finally rewatched Doctor Who: The TV Movie, after not having seen it for some years. It hadn't magically turned into a masterpiece in the interrim, which was unsurprising, but at least it clips along at a fair pace, Paul McGann makes an endearing Eight, and its excesses are good for a giggle or three.

The most striking thought I had about it, however, was the realization that I had made an egregious artistic error! When I first drew mini-Eight, he looked like this:

I originally based him on this picture from the BBC website, but I failed to twig that the image in question had a sepia filter on it. In actual fact, his clothes are not brown at all, and ought to look more like this:

Scarily, nearly two years have passed since I started the whole mini-icons ball rolling in late 2006, and in that time, I have refined my rather haphazard drawing processes a bit. Nowadays, I can generally achieve a better level of resemblance to the real-life actors than I could in those earlier, wibblier days, and as a result, I sometimes look back on my older icons and feel the urge to redraw them. In Eight's case, I also have another motivation, namely that I'm planning to do a few Withnail and I icons in future, and since I already have a half-decent likeness of Withnail himself (in the form of the Shalka Doctor), I thought Eight should at least look a bit like Paul McGann. So with this in mind, I've rejigged his face as well as his outfit, and he now looks like this:

Of course, if I change Eight, I also need to change all the other icons that feature Eight: Eight/Grace, Eight/Fitz, Eight/Charley and goodness knows who else. The full switchover therefore hasn't happened yet, but it will happen in the very near future, so watch this space!

By the way, I have occasionally updated individual mini-icons before, but didn't really advertise the fact. Rose was probably the biggest change: here's a comparison of old and new versions, if you're interested:

So, if you have happen to possess an old Rose and wish to trade her in for a new model, the New Who mini-icons page should be able to help you, and with much less angst than the Doctor would probably create in the same circumstances (hem hem).

To conclude this rather egocentric post, can I just add that suggestions for new Who icons or variations on old ones are always welcome, if you feel a particular combo would make your blogging life more satisfying. In this as in many other spheres, folk who ask nicely for things are always appreciated...
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